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i want your opinions on something...

ive never had anything pierced and i decided a while ago i wanted to get something done. i was originally thinking of getting my belly button pierced but i decided against that, then i thought cartilage but i also decided against that. i want something that will heal quickly as it is my frist piercing.

what im thinking of getting is one ear lobe done but im not sure... im a girl and im not sure if that will seem a bit odd to just get one done. im nearly 19 and my hair is to my chin at the front (big fringe) and short (a centimeter or 2) at the back so the piercing wouldnt be that noticable. i want a curved barbell put into it when/if i get it done.

so what are your opinions on just getting one ear done? im really not keen on 2 ears. also does anyone know if you can get a curved barbell in straight away or if i have to get a stud first?

thanks in advance for your help...


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GIRLS look better with both ears pierced- just one ear looks kinda masculine.
BOYS look better with one ear pierced- both looks kinda feminine.

call me old-fashioned, that's just the way i see it.
BUT i really love piercings, have a lot of them myself, and think they look great on pretty much anyone (especially earrings). so i say go for just the one, if thats what u really want, cuz one earring is better then none!

in my experience all ear piercings are done with a stud. it's important that the jewlery they pierce ur ear with is high-quality material, like german stainless steel and/or nickel-free, just to make sure that u dont get infected during the healing period. if they have some sort of barbell that is made out of high-quality metal, and u clean it and take proper care of ur ear, i don't see how that would be a problem.
good luck hunny~! :o)

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I agree with Ruby. And she's right, you'd have to do a stud first, and most barbells are at least 10s, so you'd also have to gauge them.

To be honest, with your hair it sounds like getting your septum done would be that bad. I'm also pretty sure there are tons that don't show, so you can just go with the flow. However, I have heard that it is one of the most painful peircings you can get. But my friends who've got it done say it's totally worth it.

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