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Anyone here read much poetry?

And if you do who/ what do you like?

Also, (because I always recomend these books to anyone who'll listen) if you're interested in poetry- especially if you don't really know where to start- get hold of a copy of Staying Alive and Being Alive, edited by Neil Astley published by Bloodaxe books. They're amazing anthologies, very accessable but full of unexpected poems and poets. Some of the poets represented are the biggies, but there's a lot of poetry in translation and loads of more obscure poets included as well. It's the best introduction to modern poetry I can think of. They're books you can live in.

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Sylvia Plath

is my favourite poet.I think she is brilliant.But also very sad.But I highlu recommend her to anyone and everyone.

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A Night Without Armor

By Jewel
(yah, the singer)

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Wow, she has a book of

Wow, she has a book of poetry????!?! awesome

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i love poetry :)

Emily Dickinson, Pierson Mettler(my great great grandmother was a poet :D), sylvia plath, and loads more

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I don't read much of it, but

I don't read much of it, but I stumbled across a poetry book that I fell in love with. The author is Naomi Shihab Nye, and it's called "Words Under the Words."

In general I find poetry amazing--especially good poetry. I'm so wordy and long-winded that being able to express so much in a handful of phrases really impresses me.

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Not to be cheesy and

Not to be cheesy and unoriginal, but I kinda like Walt Whitman. XD
Every once in a while I stumble across a collection of poetry by more contemporary poets, and those can be good too, but I don't really know any specific people from too recently.
I'll stop by the library and check out the books you've reccommended, though. :)

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Richard Siken. His poetry is

Richard Siken.
His poetry is just... there are no words.

And T. S. Eliot, if we're jumping backward in time a bit.

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can mine count? and eap! "On

can mine count? and eap!
"On with the dance! Let joy be unconfined!!" - Lord Byron

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btw eadger a poe! "On with

btw eadger a poe!
"On with the dance! Let joy be unconfined!!" - Lord Byron

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Recently got Allen

Recently got Allen Ginsberg's Selected Poems, and along with Sylvia Plath he's a favorite of mine.


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My name is not fag;
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I like ancient poetry and

I like ancient poetry and contemporary poetry, but not much in between! Li Po and Tu Fu from Ancient China are great; Basho's haiku; Ancient Greek poems on same-sex love are always fascinating; Robert Frost; Robert Lowell; Elizabeth Bishop; Randall Jarrell; and Mary Oliver.

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@ msquared: love mary

@ msquared: love mary oliver.

favorite poem of all time (i'm into slam poetry hardcore) is andrea gibson.

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