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Tomorrow I have to be Andy Warhol for about ten minutes. But believe me, I'm prepared. I practiced the voice, mannerisms, etc today in the mirror while wearing a blazer and tie. Eh, I may not be dead on, but I suppose it's close. I should get a video of me being Andy Warhol.

But besides that, I made a movie like Andy Warhol's minus the homoerotica. It's basically like "Sleep" combined with the whole people eating stuff really slowly idea. And a lot shorter than most Warhol films. 3-4 minutes!!

I'm really glad the writing part of the stupid project is over and now it's the fun part. I've felt so busy in the past few days, or even the past couple of weeks. It's nuts. School's winding down and the work seems to be heightening. Especially for Spanish. Ugh. But I will get the job done.

Now I have to wait while a video of Andy loads so I can study some more. I want to nail this!


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Good Luck! nothing iz real

Good Luck!
nothing iz real
john lennon