Pride Parade and Graduation...

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i was soooo scared that i couldn't go to the Gay Pride Parade 'cause it's the same day as Graduation...but i went on the website to find out what the times are and Gay Pride is in the morning from about 9am to 11am...then Graduation is from 5:30pm to 6:30pm. YAY!!! so i can go!!!! :D

i'm like....sooooo tired. from working to midnight and standing my whole shift is takin it's toll on my body now. every chance i get...i sleep especially in school lol. i slept in 2 of my classes yesterday and i was sleeping on the bus this i'm waiting to see what class i fall asleep in haha.

our last day is thursday :)...i can't wait to get out of school...but right now it means i need to STUDY to make sure that i pass this quater. i am currently getting:

Photography; A
U.S History; B
Chemistry; D
English; A
Japanese; C

but again...the damn teachers didn't update the grades for about a week or i could've brught those grades up. *crosses fingers* i hope.

well...take cares everyone...gots ta go...:)


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The parade is typically the most boring part of the the pride event, though. The concert/celebration after it is the real deal. I haven't watched the parade in years. It is an example of the downside of gay inclusivity. I don't think you could submit paperwork to join the parade and get rejected, so we have gay bus drivers and every other niche you can imagine.

My take has always been that, at any point, if the people people on the sidewalk went onto the street, and the people in the parade went on the sidewalk, most of the time, you wouldn't know the difference.


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