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Hmm..this is just one of those random journals I feel like making because I am home alone and slightly bored..but not like really bored!!Also my head hurts a little bit because I had to stay up all night doing an assignment:(..but that was my own fault for avoiding doing it!

Anyways I sorted things out with my friend from my last journal entry,with her being all weird with the gay slurs and stuff.It's kind of a long story with a lot of miscommunication(I'm not sure if that is actually a word..but you get the idea).But yeah things are cool again and she isn't suddenly a homophobe which is always good:)

I don't really know what else to say now.Hmm I think this is my most pointless journal to date.Ok well I'm going to watch the Simpsons.

Ok I am back having watched the Simpsons and lots of other crap,and now I'm kind of procrastinating,but I have decided to make a list of stuff about me.I am stealing this idea off of deep space I think...well there was some other Oasians who did it so I hope you guys don't mind me stealing your idea.So here goes:

I am painfully shy
I am funny
I am sensitive
I have a lot of trouble spelling
I spend way too much time online
I don't know what I want to do with my life
I am immature for my age
I always see the negative side of things
I worry far too much
I over think everything
I cry too easily
I'm scared of butterflies
Sometimes I can be really smart
I can be too self involved
I daydream a lot
I don't know who I am
I am a different person with different people
I drink too much coffee
I sometimes feel I am too lost in my own head
I have a bad temper
I rarely loose my temper
I like horror films
I wish I had some new friends
I love the friends I have
I love my guitar
I love my bro's kids,but most other kids make me uncomfortable
I try to fit in too much
I sometimes worry that I am arrogant but I also know I lack confidence
I like thinking about paradoxes(sp?)
I can be very distant
I love hugs but am too shy to give them often
I am lonely
I love music
I love singing
I love playing guitar
I want to play drums
I wish I could be more decisive
I always say I don't have any regrets but secretly I have loads
A lot of the people I see everyday bore me
I don't believe in god
I wish I had a girlfriend
I love girls with guitars
I am afraid of needles
I hate my job
I don't smile very often
I love milk
I never appreciate what I have until I don't have it anymore
I always wonder what other people think of me
I hate low cut jeans
I never wear clothes I really love because I am afraid to
I worry that I am shallow
Deep deep down I think there is a tiny little homophobe inside me
I get jealous far too easily
I am not sure if I have repeated myself on this list
I always expect people to hate me
I am always surprised when they don't
I can be too bossy
Sometimes I am pretentious
I love converse
I love ripped jeans
I secretly would like an emo haircut
I care less about peoples opinions than I used to
I exaggerate
I can become fairly depressed at times
I like horses
My mother scares me sometimes
I would like a tattoo
I would like to bungee jump
I would like to get the top of my ear pierced
I am nearing the end of this list and I still haven't said what I would like to..I don't know what that is..
Laterz Oasians


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your pointless post has a point

Very random, I have a fair bit in common with you it looks like. Gotta admit girls with emo haircuts are cute.. go and get one, the girls will be all over you in no time haha ;] Oh and dress how you want, it's very liberating to not give a shit! Individuality = hot.