Short Update~

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Heyloz everybody! Felt like updating my journal a lil bit, not that anyone really cares... but here i go. I'll try and keep things short... it's already past my bedtime >_<

Okae, well I've been really tired lately. I'm trying to make myself sleep at 10pm at the latest. But considering I have mid-year exams this week and next week... that's impossible. I'm glad the weekend's coming. All hail the mighty weekend!

Yeah, and besides that I have a new crush. Ekeke. (Lol like always). It's kind of a minor crush, I think I'll get over him rather quickly... ah, but who cares. Crushes are... um.. fun? Lol. Yeah he sits behind me in eco class. But I had to sit beside him once due to wierd seating arrangments... and I made him laugh. Oh yus, go me lol. Kae... movin' on... xD

Hmm I'm trying to expand my social circle a little. I already know a lot of people... but sometimes I feel knowing more and more people will make me a better person. Ah, I dno. Well, I talked to some new people lately... some in my PE class, some in my eco, and some on my bus and all that. But the thing is I have to keep up with my other friends as well... I dno. I guess it can be annoying when you know too many people and then when you don't say hi or talk to them it makes things awkward. Yeah, that's what happened with Morgan today. I was talking to Razz and I didn't say hi to her... I dno, I'll just talk to her in science 2moro and smooth things out.

Yeah, and one of my friends (kae its razz) is becoming bulimic. I don't know how to deal with it. I hope she stops though... because I can't always be there for her... and although this is going to sound really stink, but it can get really annoying. She calls me when I'm busy studying but I can't ignore her because she's shoving so much depressing shit at me. I mean I don't even know what to do. Sometimes I think she's doing it for the attention... I think she's taking things a little too seriously. But hey Max, you've got to be supportive. Blah, blah blah. Yesh I'll try.

One of the groups I hang out with is getting so depressing. First it's Es, who's parents are getting divorced. She told everyone she cut herself, and then she had a panic attack and an ambulance was called. That was really messed up. Then Nealz, who really likes being the centre of attention in our group because of her low self esteem started crying for some reason... then razz becoming all bulimic on me. Far, I dno. I think they're a depressing influence on me. But I can't leave them and not care about them... meh.

Sleep time!