Show Me: DVD Review

by dykehalo

While watching Show Me, my first instinct was to love it because it is Canadian and lesbian and I'm a Canadian lesbian.

It's hard for me to say whether it's a good movie or a bad movie. I was biased going into it because of the Canadian aspect. If I was forced to make some kind of decision, I'd have to say it's pretty good for a Canadian movie but as a movie in general it was only okay. I enjoyed it and would watch it again but it won't be one of those movies that never come out of the DVD player.

After shooing away two squeegee kids, Sarah calls her girlfriend Sam to ensure she is going to meet her at the cabin for their tenth anniversary. Sam is busy trying to resolve a hostile takeover and cannot make it up to the cabin. The whole time Sarah is making the phone call the two kids, Jen and Jackson, are staring her down, so she rolls down her window and offers them money. They immediately jump into the car, insist they only want to go to the next intersection, but end up hijacking her.

They drive up to Sarah's cabin where Jen and Jackson promptly tie her up, and steal her money and possessions.

Jen and Jackson are pretty much insane and fairly dislikeable; both actors are fine at acting but not award-nomination good or even close to it. Sarah is hot but that's all she's got going for her. The character and the acting suck. She makes a few feeble attempts to escape but I didn't believe the acting. She had no emotion. It was like a cardboard cut-out saying the lines and moving.

I found it really cute that the couples in the story had names that begin with the same letters; Sam and Sarah, Jen and Jackson.

There wasn't a whole lot of lesbianism to this movie, just a couple kisses and a little bit of nakedness. I wouldn't exactly classify this as a GLBT movie.

If Sarah were married to a male named Sam instead of a female, the movie wouldn't have changed at all. There was really no purpose for Sarah to be a lesbian other then a couple minutes worth of discovery and dialogue.

The movie could have been 20 times better if they only ended it differently. Everything was wrapped up too quickly. It took forever to get to the ending and then they just rushed it. I realize that a low budget film is under more time constraints but that is no reason to end it so horridly.

If you're looking for a movie to watch on a Friday night that has some GLBT theme to it but is also somewhat of a thriller, this may be the movie for you. But don't buy it, just rent it. Save your money for better movies.