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So, I broke up with my girlfriend. It was my fault, and my doing. This is what happened:

For the last few months I've been depressed and dealing with a lot of emotional shit, and I was making her miserable as a result. So we agrees we'd take a break for a little while. However, yesterday I more or less freaked out, and broke up with her, because I really can't handle a relationship right now. We agreed it might work out later, but right now I need some time.

I then spent today feeling miserable about it, and sobbing on my friend's shoulder. Liz (the girlfriend) called a few minutes ago, we basically rehashed the whole thing more coherently, and discerned that we still love each other. Sigh.

I still love her. I did exactly what I promised her I'd never do; I hurt her. I didn't do it intentionally, and almost every factor is outside my control, but it's still my fault. She doesn't deserve this.

I live in a soap opera. When I think something is going okay, it falls apart. Inevitably. Sigh.

I'm going to go mope and do my homework and try to sleep. Wish me luck.


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I'm sorry. It's very thoughtful and loving of you to do that though. I mean, it must be hard on both of you, but you know what's best for the two of you. I hope things get better *HUG*

~May the spirits guide your every assure you please her in all the right places XD

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that's a rough situation andrew. we all freak out sometimes. we all have our fucked-up trainwreck moments where we hurt ourselves and others, whether intentionally or unintentionally. it sounds like you had a strong, genuine relationship. she knows ur trans and she knows it's stressful. it sounds like u handled things the best possible way. and u still love eachother, which is amazing. since u really care about her, telling her the truth that u can't be in a relationship right now, that u need to work on ur relationship with yourself right now... u made the right choice. the right choice isn't usually the easiest choice... don't beat urself up man. u'll get thru this... thru everything. :o)

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Sorry that sounds rough. All relationships have truly shitty moments. Good luck with it all

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oh boy.

i definitely know waht you're talking about. my boyfriend and i break up/say that we should break up at least once a week because we have so much emotional junk that it makes the other miserable.

i think especially in teenage years, if you're having a sharing, deep relationship, its kidn of inevitable that this kind of problem will come up. its how you deal with it that makes a difference.

BUT! i'm not really sure how to deal with it...i wish though.