...sittin' in period one.

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...'cause I dug my key into the side of his pretty little souped up 4 wheel drive, carved my name into his leather seats...I took a louisville slugger to both headlights, slashed a hole in all 4 tires...Maybe next time he'll think before he cheats."

bobbie is watching me type this post hehe...we are bored in this class. we need to plan what we are going to do on friday 'cause it is the seniors last day!

bobbie says "everyone should bring their own food and eat it!!" lol. i say that we should all go on a field trip somewhere and have FUN!!! i wanna go have a bonfire over the weekend and just PARTY!!!

yeash i am bored and tired. seniors have two more days to go...while us underclassmen have two more weeks to go :( imma miss all the seniors!

hehe i wore my new top yesterday...i got so much unwanted looks. most from uuuggggglllliiiiieeeeee old men. ew. but the girl at Zippy's was oh-so kyoote XD.

well. me & aja ended up in the wrong place, so imma have to go apply to the carnival today lol. we sorta went on like...a journey yesterday. we caught like two wrong buses. hopefully i can apply today and i can get hired 'cause it opens soon. *prays*

"sometimes late at night. i lie awake and watch her sleeping. she's lost in peaceful dreams, so i turn out the light. lay there in the dark. and the thought crosses my mind, if i never wake in the morning. would she ever doubt the way i feel about her in my heart..."

me lovers that song. me lovers lots of songs lol. imma slow song addict. i'm obsessed...seriously lol. 'cause when people look at my iPod they see that its full of slow songs heh.

i was thinking...been doing a lot of thinking. 'cause next year is senior year. i might go into the A.F.N.G (air force national guard) with my dad. its kinda like a last resort but idk it might be good to go into. but i want to go to college and i can do both. i jus don't kno where to go for college. if i'm staying here i'm going to UH but i might go mainland and go New York or something. i'm confused to what to do. :/

i talked to my dad last night about going on a vacation for a week or two and he said...YES!! lol. i'm sooo happy that i can go on a vacation and relax. so i'm totally looking forward to summer now :)

ah well. this has been a boring post but i don't have this class tomorrow so i can't come on and idk if imma write on friday...and for sure the weekend i might not be on at all. so yeah.

but thanx for reading lol. take cares everyone :)


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Sounds like you're having a good day :)

Ride hard or stay home.

Do they react that way because of who we are or because of your personality?
"I like to think it's me."

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My parents are catholic, and

My parents are catholic, and we got a newspaper thing.... New Hampshire Catholic or something like that, and some girl wrote an article about how that Carrie Underwood song is sinful and how she should look to God for help with her anger. I laughed for a good twenty minutes straight

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that's actually really funny...

when i told a friend that i wanted to slash my ex's tires, she said i reminded her of that Carrie Underwood song...
guess i have anger issues!