Songs that aren't your favourite in the whole wide world but that you still bloody love

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See I know there's a music thread, but I can't think of five favourite ever bands. Much too many, far too different.

But I do have loads of songs I bloody love, even if I get bored with them after a week or so.

My favourite recent(ish) songs I love are:

Wild Beasts- Brave Bulging Buoyant Clairvoyants
I love this song. But it's kind of loathsome at the same time. But it's amazing. It's kind of old now but clearly it belongs in summer.

Actually I won't write anymore songs down now, because I don't want to dilulte just how much I love Wild Beasts today. I'll hate them tomorrow. Hopefully not because I'm seeing them in the summer. AC and I have been singing this all afternoon. Not really singing because only the title is intelligable. But certainly making sounds based around it.

So does anyone have any songs that they wouldn't want played at their wedding/ funeral/ be stuck in a lift listening to but still really, really love?

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The one song I've been

The one song I've been listening to a lot lately is "Down With the Sickness" by Disturbed. It's weird, because I don't usually listen to music that hardcore.

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My mood right now...

Pieces by Sum 41

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Passing of America -

Passing of America - Alexisonfire
Coffee Shop Soundtrack - All time Low
The tide - The Spill Canvas

Ohh and and.
Sometimes (I wish) - Dallas Green

^ I suggest everyone go listen to that when they want a really beautiful acoustic song. I've been in love with it ever since I heard it, which is about 3 months ago =]

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sorry for double post :|

EDIT: sorry - double post ><

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Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road

Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road by Elton John (No wisecracks about stereotypes, please. I have liked him since before I knew he was gay.)

Via Dolorosa by Sandi Patty

Our Time (from Sondheim's Merrily We Roll Along)

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Hate me by Blue

Hate me by Blue annoys me a little but it will not get out of my head :D

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some more

Test Icicles- Sharks
even though they've broken up and they had a stupid name, I get the urge to listen to this loudly quite often

LCD Soundsystems- North American Scum
even though my sister and I were singing it for about a million years and it got old after a while

Justice- D.A.N.C.E
even though it's a really, really annoying song. Really annoying.

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I dunno. I like my music,

I dunno. I like my music, and would still want it played at my funeral/wedding.
I dunno though.
There are a few, like "Light Before We Land" is a good one, but it's more a personal song that I can't over play...
Ummm... Can't think of anymore at the moment, but *meh*

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1. Minerva--- by the

1. Minerva--- by the Deftones [Very ambient, and when you listen to it with your eyes closed it's almost like an out of body experience. And I love the lyrics.

2. 7/4 Shoreline----by Broken Social Scene [One, it's an amazing band. This song is very well constructed and put together and has an awesome sound.]

3. A Crow Left of the Murder---by Incubus [Just an excellent song. Best lyrics Brandon Boyd has ever written. A line is on my "tagline"]

4. Be Quiet and Drive---- by the Deftones [Another ambient one. Is almost energetic. May not be one of my all time favorites, but it's high in ranking currently]

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Right now, 'Wonderful World'

Right now, 'Wonderful World' by James Morrison, I'm lovin' it!

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N-Trance - set you free Just

N-Trance - set you free

Just makes me feel like I can actually be free about my feelings and express my self, which I'm really having a bad time with today.

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Oh! Haha! So

Oh! Haha! So many!

"Ragtime"- From the fabulous musical, Ragtime!

"All That Jazz"- From Chicago

"My New Philosophy"- From You're A Good Man Charlie Brown

I know... I'm a Broadway geek, but I really do love showtunes, lol. What can I say? I'm not a big fan of what's popular. (Though... to be fair, I am a fan of "Popular" from Wicked... haha)