Sustaining Lil_Will

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Apparently Lil_Will was a bit taken aback by my description of him so I will both appologize and justify myself.
He says that he is a bitch and that almost everyone at his school is afraid of him, they say he is the meanest person they know.
OK, well I for one, am not afriad of you Will and I have known some pretty mean people in my life, homophobic and otherwise.
He says he does swimming, soccer, tennis, diving and waterpolo and people say he is a "preppy, bitchy rich kid."
He says that is true and to "let them talk." He loves Abercrombie and anything preppy so it must be true. He thinks the sk8r punk look is kewl too but only on some guys.
He is yet to find a "(good)" boyfriend. Hmmmm, could this be true?
He tells us that he was lucky in coming out because no one really cared and the homophobic people know he is just not a person to mess with.
Sound like a friendly guy to me!
Being all of 13 or nearly 14, Will seems to be quite decisive and well tempered if you don't mind putting up your dukes and fighting him for the prize of his friendship.
I don't know, had I come out to the world at 13 I might have been just as much of a "Biotch". Thankfully I gave myself time to see both sides of the issues and since I don't live in Stamford ( isn't that where Martha Stewart homesteads?) I am a little more grounded.
We have all known the rich kid who is delivered to school every morning in a Porshe Boxter and we all have marveled over his ability to dress with impeccable taste in designer clothing while the rest of us show off our new Target underwear in gym class.
It does occur to me though, that most of those rich kids never really talked about it much, they just allowed us to ogle after them.
Impressions in your bio don't lie Will. You have told us who you want us to believe you are and we will take your word for it. Nontheless, I understand and if you would care to let us in on your day to day personal life maybe we will find that you do have some substance. So to answer your question, "is that all I have to say about 'you'?"
That's all you gave me.
Do you care? Yes I suspect that you do.
Do you have a heart? Yes I am sure you do.
Did I intend to smack you down? Not at all, I rather like you.
Do you come on a little strong for 13? Ya THINK!
Is there anything wrong with being rich? Hell no!
Did you come here to find friends or did you come here to impress us?
I think you need all the friends you can get and that is why I am willing to be one of them, at least in cyberspace.
Below is your BIO. Maybe you should read it and tell me what you think I should have to say about you, given the content.

"I'm 13 years old, and i'mma bitch(almost everyone in my school is scared of me)(i'm kinda mean, actually most ppl tell me i'm the meanest person they know) but thats only cause a lot of ppl at my school are homophobic and well i just don't let that by (if u know what i mean)

I grew up and still live in Stamford CT. I do swimming, soccer, tennis, diving, and waterpolo. People say i'm a prepy bitchy rich kid. (which is true; let them talk!) I LOVE abercrombie and anything prepy. (but i like the sk8r punk look too(only cute on some guys though)) i have yet to find a (good) BF my last well, yeah didn't work out (sorry Jake) "

"i guess i was kinda lucky in comming out, no one really cared. and the ppl that were homophobic didn't say nothing cause i'm just not a person to mess with (i'm popular at my school so yeah) and when i told a lot of my friends it turned out some of them were gay/lesbian/bi as well so its all good."
"oh yeah add me on myspace biotchez!!!!:"

I'm sure there is another side to Will.


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first of all

ok first of all thank you for writing a WHOLE entry just about me! that was like really sweet, in a non platonic way. what do you mean i come on a lil too stong??? and rich ppl don't say anything because first rich ppl don't wanna hear they are. i hate when ppl say i'm rich its really annoying and stereotypical, and i take the bus to school thank you very much. my mom would never drive me to school. i live almost and hour away form it. besides she goes to work at 5. also i do not have a Porsche (they're really ugly and cheap)(i have a Mercedes i think... or a BMW... no i think we have both i don't remember.) anyway when ppl say, " oh ur that rich kid" it hurts. that may seem like a compliment, but to me it feels like i'm being judged all the time and then i wonder if my friends like me for me or for my house and cars. but you have given me a better perspective of myself and i will try to write more. i just haven't the time right now with work and school and everything else going on in our crazy teen lives (for us teens) but to answer you i do have substance and lots of it! (not in a fat way, i mean personality wise) and i hope to show some more of it in the near future. thanks again Damon!

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Beamer and all

Yes Will you do have substance and not in a fat way, in personality and all other aspects.
Your modeling pics are great, very hot. I started when I was 8 years old but they were not as accomodating as they are now. None of my stuff belongs to me so I cannot post it on My Space, it's copyrighted. I can send it in an e-mail though.
I did London Fog, L.L. Bean, Meyer and Frank, Calvin Klein, and some sale flyers for Macy's and Nordstrom. My latest was for Wii in Portland, Oregon. I also did the Lipton commercial called Tea Leaf. I'm the dancer that rises out from the dance floor and I also do the moon walk by the East River.

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sorry one more thing

ok just one more thing. i though target only sold school supplies. they carry clothes now?????


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Target vs Office Depot

Ummm Always have as far as I know. The brand name for underwear there is CHEROKEE. Cherokee also makes shirts and other stuff.
Maybe you're thinking of OFFICE DEPOT. No underwear there.

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you two play nice now....

you two play nice now.... sorry to seem like an old lady just had to say that...