Sweet victory! W00t!

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The girl who was harrassing me and my friends last week got punished for it. (I wrote about this in my last journal entry, if you want to know the full story.) She got ISS, which stands for in-school suspension. Basically, instead of going to class and getting to talk to her friends, she had to stay in some room and do boring things. Yay! I know I shouldn't glorify in someone else's pain, but it feels really, really good knowing she's not gonna bug me anymore. I know that doesn't sound like a big punishment, but considering she's a total gossip queen, she probably felt like she was being tortured when she was sitting in a classroom without being able to talk with her friends and spread rumors about people. It's freaking awesome.

Now that stupid girl's leaving me alone. Yay! *basks in the glory of it all* I should throw a party or something.

I'm going to travel all the way from North Carolina to Oregon starting this Saturday for two and a half weeks, and I also might get to go to Japan this summer! My uncle's mother is Japanese, and she's going to go back to her home country this summer, and she invited my sister and I to come with her! Wow...if this actually happens, after this summer vacation I'm probably going to need another summer vacation. I'll be effing exhausted.

I don't want to get my hopes up about the Japan thing, but I'm still excited anyway. I wonder if I could go to an anime/manga convention there? That'd be awesome! I've never been to an anime convention before! :D I mean, I know that there are anime conventions in America, but what are they like in Japan?

Umm...I'd better go now. I need to do homework. What kind of insane teachers still give assignments at the end of the school year?? Ugh.


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Awesome!! I'm glad she's getting punished, and that you might go to Japan. Have fun

Ride hard or stay home.

Do they react that way because of who we are or because of your personality?
"I like to think it's me."

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it's a cruel fact of life:

it's a cruel fact of life: sometime people suffering is good for your mind. It's good she got punished, and hopefully, she'll get as bored as hell.

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hate to burst ya'll's

hate to burst ya'll's bubbles, but personally, I think in school suspension ROCKS. you get all your classwork and homework, do it, and have the rest of the day to take a nap or read or write or doodle on the desk or wall. You don't have to talk to your teachers or sit through a bunch of people who you can't stand being stupid.

But hey, it's good that she's being punished. =P

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You school seems to be great

You school seems to be great for getting suspended. In mine people has to write a 10 page, single space essay, reflecting on what they did wrong. Then they gotta go and fix it. In public. It's so mean it works. Well, at least that girl might feel a little bit of shame over what she did.

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