The Gay Manifesto

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[You'll like this one, kids. Take it to heart.]

I am the son of whispered centuries,
Of fearful minds and troubled times,
Low slung eyes and cast aside crimes.
I have inherited secrets, I have been
Baptized by unquestioned lies;
I have been ravaged by submission
And softly assured it’s better
To quietly lose than loudly win.
Cruel history, you have birthed for us
A brutal architecture in which to live;
You have poisoned us with precedents
And turned examples into terrorists.
You have killed with different hands,
But the same soul, the same sweating eyes;
You have taught us the consequences
Of being different, as you’ve taught us
Only quiet can turn the world away.
Crown of savage silence,
I wear you with no pride.
Brothers and sisters of rainbow skies,
Rise up from your self-shadows, realize
Love cannot shine in shadows, just like
Stars cannot bloom while suns betray.
Cast aside the crumbling armor
Of absolution by hypocrisy,
Rend the reign of hate’s equation
By refusing to be a variable.
Rise from your psychic shackles—rise!
Revolution dances in your eyes,
Evolution echoes through your minds;
Kiss the tempest lurking though all mankind,
Embrace the loudness light can be.
You are the detonation of salvation,
The pioneers of freedom,
The warriors of liberty—
Let your cries stain the silence.
[Never let them be erased.]


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I love it!! ~~~NO DAY BUT

I love it!!

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:) always like your poems on

:) always like your poems on here.

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Yes, I love your poems. I'm

Yes, I love your poems. I'm telling you: write a book...

Courage is contagious... be strong, and soon you won't be standing alone.

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Excellent work dude.
No one can make you feel inferior without your consent-Eleanor Roosevelt

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Maan, you're so pro at

Maan, you're so pro at writing.

*drools in jealousy*

good job!

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so i def did not know that you had written that--it was just SO GOOD! that was amazing though.