The Llama, Duncan and Lil_Will

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Let's start with Duncan. Gosh I love that name. It sounds so Scottish, not that he is, I never asked him but it puts me in mind of the BBC series "Monarch of the Glen". I got so tied up watching that series on NetFlix that I almost missed an important report for school.
Duncan (in the show) is sort of the groundsman for the liard of Glen Boggle who is played by Alistair Mac Kenzie.
Duncan is like a little boy in his twenties wearing a kilt (which is also hot).
Our Duncan, I visualize as much the same but of course younger. In fact there was one point in the show where (the other) Duncan was so angry with women that he decided he would just be gay. He had me convinced.

The Llama finally gave us a glimps of himself in the flesh as a real human boy. Until that point all we knew him as is "Pesky Penguin" with the webbed feet. Come to find out he is quite a cute lad although he looks a lot younger than he says he is. Says he was teased about his weight but I have to tell him so was I. I have been known to hide behind lamp posts with no problem at all. While Llama may need more than a lamp post he is far from fat and as I said quite a cutie.
Lil_Will hasn't journalized much but he can be found in the Forum from time to time when he is not out spending a fortune on designer underwear. Most of my boxers are from K-Mart or Target although I do have one pair of Abercrombie ( see I can't even spell it). Anyway the one pair of designer underwear I have were given to me by someone who fancied herself as a girlfriend, before I left L.A.
I always remember to wear them if I am doing something especially hazardous that day. You know the old saying about being caught dead in your underwear.
Of course there are others too numerous to mention but I am grateful every time one of them graces my journal with a note. If you'd like to be "spoofed" on my journal just sign up. No pushing now!
I used to do little spoofs on birthday cards for family members like one I did on my dad's card a few years back:
Dad we love you because:
You are the only man I know that screams like a little girlyman when the bacon grease pops in the skillet.
You are the only guy that needs an entire two week vacation to change the oil in the car.
You are the only person that I know that actually pronounces the "L" in the words calm and Salmon.
You think there is an "R" in kitchen.
The only time you ever get something in your eye is when you are watching a sad movie.
You drive a Mercury because you think that guy with wings on his feet looks cool.
Happy Birthday Dad! I miss you like hell!
P.S. Mom gave me permission to use that word.


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Thank you :)

yes it is sad that the true fact that I am not a gay penguin that figured 1. how to use the internet 2. speak any human language

But I am in fact a human being :)... Thanks for the compliment, really appreciate it... my mom is out at bingo (thank god) my grandmom is here for mothers day... so yes Lil' Will is in arizona til next week he let me know... hope he gets some more designer underwear HEHE

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well that was a most entertaining insight into name choices. gracias!

"Persuasive speech, and more persuasive sighs,
Silence that spoke, and eloquence of eyes."
- The Iliad (bk. XX, l. 315), (Bryant's translation)

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I am Scottish and French Canadian.

lol, I am actually Scottish on my Dad's side. My Mom's is French Canadian. My parents wanted me to have a strong Scottish name, so that's why they called me Duncan. lol.

Courage is contagious... be strong, and soon you won't be standing alone.

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Then you are decidedly handsome too even though all we can see is the gorgeous eye looking back at us with such delight.
Duncan is a handsome name and it has to fit a handsome guy.

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yeah i know

yeah i know i keep telling Duncan his eyes are amazing and i said i bet he has a cute face too, don't u think he should put a picture of his face up?


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HEY!!!! thats all u have to say about me! i don't only shop and stuff and who buys designer boxers that weird. i buy designer cloths and shoes and sunglasses and shit but not boxers thats odd