Tired, tired, and more tired~

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Oh joy! Cross country today, having to run 6km... and then having an economics internal assessment... Oh and did I mention our first impromptu debate after school... I got home at past 9pm today. I just had dinner... and about to start my homework.

Okae, seriously my brain can't frickin compute right now. Just so... tiring.

And our jap teacher threw a spaz at me. Oi, my friend elz was just picking a portractor up from the ground for me... then the jap teacher was just like "RAH MAX MOVE NOW OR I WILL EAT YOU" no not literally like that but to that effect. So I was just like wth.

*sigh* And then our english teacher returned from england... mid-term exams soon as well. Oh mother..

Oh and recently there's some tension between my friends... apparently I've been 'ranking' my friends a little bit and some of them were a bit fucked off. No it's not exactly ranking... it's just I need a break from some of them because I'm spending time with them all the time while I'm ignoring everyone else. So if I go and talk to someone else, some friends of mine would get a bit fucked off. And I'm just like... "the fuck". No seriously it's more complicated than that. But whatever not gona go into it or I might die right now trying to process everything. Sleep beloved sleep... I shall comith to you soon.


No, but homework first. Kill me. Argh!


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Fun shcedule max. Good luck with it all, and I'm sure the homework will be fun

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Have fun with the homework.

Have fun with the homework. lol "fucked off"

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