To Answer the Llama

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Thanks for the E-mail Llama. To answer your question, everything went well and no, there were no really strange relatives that showed up.

The funeral was quite small actually. Jerry and his dad of course and one uncle on his mom's side along with his grandmother, both of them from Michigan.
My mom and I and my three brothers were in attendance along with several members of the band at Jerry's school and his teacher. There were also quite a few members of the parish who knew the family and attended the mass. Music was provided by the church organist who played "Ave Maria" by J. S. Bach and "Kiri Elaison" by D. Archides.
A rosary was held Friday evening and the funeral was Saturday.
Jerry's mother was dressed in a blue evening dress and looked very lovely. An interment was held at the cemetery after the funeral. I and five of Jerry's band mates were pall bearers.
My mom hosted a small gathering of people at our house after the burial.

Jerry will probably need a little time before he is ready to start a journal of his own. He is doing very well and again thanks everyone for their concern.
So much was going on at the end of last week with the closing of the coffee shop and all. It seems strange not to have the coffee shop to retreat to. Oh, Millie and Marsha from the coffee shop also attended the funeral and Millie came to the house afterwards.
It is kind of strange, my mom is treating me very delicately for some reason. I think she senses this has really had a big impact on me.
She keeps saying "honey, are you OK?"
I truly appreciate all the concern she is showing me. maybe it has not set in yet. I know if I lost my mom at this point it would be hard for me and I think she is realizing that.
Thanks again for all the kind words. It helped Jerry in not feeling so alone, knowing that even people he didn't know were thinking of him.


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I'm glad things are ok. And

I'm glad things are ok. And It's good that you're there for him. It'll be ok.

Courage is contagious... be strong, and soon you won't be standing alone.

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Glad things are good...

Glad things are good... Maybe she knows but is just waiting for you to say something which is what I have calculated from what she has said...

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i'm glad

i'm glad things are getting better for him, you keep supporting him ok? and i think it'll be great for him to start his own journal