Trying to Get Over It...

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So my ex-girlfriend pretty much broke my heart. And because she's on here, I won't name names...We had been together for two years almost...And I put on this brave face because I'm more than a little pissed that suddenly everything her and I had ment nothing. Her and I were extremely close and now we can't even talk to eachother. But then again, maybe this is the smart choice...Because every promise she made to me but couldn't keep she's making and keeping to somebody else now...Way to make me feel like nothing...I guess it just hurts. But why am I bitching?


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Hurting is good. It means you did everything right. The trick is to not let experiences like this prevent you from letting the next person in because they might hurt you, too, since that's also the only way to find the right person.

As for your ex, eh? The break-up was probably sudden, but not her desire to break up. But there is either chemistry or there's not, if she wasn't feeling it, then she took WAY too long to mention it. Unless she just wanted to date yet and not be in a relationship.

But, I always think it's telling when people don't know what happened to their relationship, because it only highlights the lack of communication that existed there. I mean, if *you* don't know what happened... :-)


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