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It's been a while. I got a new laptop this weekend and have spent my time on that instead of here [where the internet is] and such. Plus a lot of time with C and going to S's work to talk to a lesbian she works with about being gay etc [we didn't really talk a lot, sadly.]

Where should I start? I want to cover one of my friend [I forget what I've called her in the past, we'll call her T] T's jokes about me being gay when she doesn't really know that I am [but her jokes make me think she does], my recurring feelings for C [goddamn them], my new laptop, the youth group I went to, and 's new game of "Lesbian Hot, or Regular Hot."

Let's start with the youth group: it was small, but hopefully this week there'll be more people and more interaction. They're intention is good and I enjoyed being there. One of the gay guys it's absolutely hilarious and even if I hated the group I'd still go just to be entertained by that guy. Basically they just hang out and chat and watch movies and such. We watched the end of "Carrie" on TV and the gay guy made commentary and really wanted to see the part where she lights the gym on fire. He'd never seen it before, and his commentary was hilarious. One girl was one of the kinds that is a cry for help. Tried to commit suicide many-a-time and in general needs some help. I'm going again this week, if I can.

My new laptop: my mom rules. We were doing yard work and talking about our future trip to Alaska [cruise!] right after I get out of school and I said "I wish I had a laptop so I could upload videos and everything" and she says "Let's just get that out of the way. Get you one now before you got to college and such." =O I'm down. So it has a nice movie editing software, and a music recording software [which I've been screwing with the most, I'm excited to be able to record my own shit.] It's yet to be hooked up to the internet, but soon.

I'll update the rest later. I have music to record and a picture to paint.


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glad to hear that youth group didn't suck...

yup, quality gay boy commentary = the funniest!
nice choice of movie... who doesn't love using telepathy to burn down the school & kill everyone... good times
alaska, wow!
take care hun :o)

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Sounds like things are going alrite. The new laptop sounds pretty sweet, are you gonna share your tunes with us oasis kids? Oh and I wanna know more about this "lesbian hot" and "regular hot" game!