Warhol and Summer Plans

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In the next two weeks I have to study up on Andy Warhol. It's our last project for English [AP] now that AP tests are over. I was thinking about doing Hitler, but my friend said how she wanted to do Andy Warhol but couldn't [AP History reasons] and so that gave me an idea. She's quite the fan, so she loned me three or four books that are Warhol related. I'm excited, I've heard a lot about this guy, but never really knew much about him.

My God, only 3 weeks of school left [including this weeks] and then finals. Praise the Lord. At least I think that's how the schedule is. I hope that's how it is. Immediately after getting out I'm off on a cruise to Alaska. Mom and I have to take a 14 hour drive all the way up to Springfield, Oregon [or just outside, really] stay at my aunt's place, then head up to Seattle where the ship leaves. Then we'll come back, stay at Vancouver Island, then Seattle for a bit, and take our time heading back down the coast. It'll be a seriously beautiful trip, I can't wait.

I love love love Oregon and Washington. Green and rainy. My favorite environment is foresty/wet areas. You know, with the hazy mornings and such. I think it's beautiful. And I love Seattle. Last time I only got 2 days and 3 nights there, but hopefully this time we'll stay for a little longer.

And now that I have a laptop I can film all the hell I want with my digital [which actually takes pretty decent footage. Nothing special, but alright] and I won't run out of room. When I do, I just upload it onto my computer! Oh, this will be fun. I'm excited.


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a big YAY for getting to spend time in seattle.... i love where i live! :)