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Good news, my crush on C? I think it's over. Finally. This Saturday we hung out, did the relay for life at our school, watched a movie, and she spent the night. To be frank, I was dreading it slightly, only because I figured I'd be moping in wishing she liked me. The pathetic reason, of course. But I didn't. I wasn't anticipating affection, and I didn't hunt for it. We were a tad cuddly watching the movie, but we were tired and were mostly looking for a comfy place to rest, really.

And we hugged per usual, but I didn't feel a whole bunch. It was great. I hope it's over for good. No more sneaking back up on me.

Other than that, I did have a good time with C. She got a new camera and took about 100+ pictures with it. Niiice digital Canon Rebel slr. I fell in love pretty much on the spot. Once I get around to resizing and such, I'll post some, and some C took of me because they're pretty sweet.

We did relay for life as well. I wasn't expecting walking around in circles for an hour to be all that great, but it was. It was oddly relaxing and comfortable besides the blisters. People everywhere, it becoming dark. It felt kinda friendly. Candles were lit and put on the stadium to spell out "Stay Strong" which looked hella neat.

Oh, and Saturday C and I went to Quiznos and the cutest girl works there. She seemed kinda gay too. But really, she was cute. I was sad when we got back into my car that we hadn't just eaten there. I kicked myself for it later. We could've stayed and I could've made eyes with the girl. Damn. But I'm going tomorrow to get a sandwich for the field trip I have to the one of the Channel Islands on Thursday, so fingers crossed she'll be working!!

It's about time I found a gay one, you know?


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there's nothing better than highly attractive girls working in the food-service industry. ur Quiznos sounds awesome, u get to eat delicious toasted subs while looking at/chatting with a sexy young lady. good times!
but u should actually find a sit-down restaurant and get served by a hot waitress, then u can do what i do and write her a secret message on the back of the bill like "you're so pretty! :o)" or "the girls @ this table think ur beautiful!"... yeah, i'm SO gay...

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Haha yeah that's a good

Haha yeah that's a good idea. Write her nice little notes. I'd just be afraid she wasn't gay and would get all butthurt or something. But hey, what the hell? right?

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That does sound like you're over her in a good way. Enjoy the friendship and the hotness

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