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My last entry was about how I came out to my good mate, Alex. It went fine but we didn't get to speak about it at all since I didn't see her for like five weeks after that day I told her. Was a bit worried that she would pretend that it never happened and it would be one of those awkward unspoken topics.. so I promised myself that I would bring it up when we hung out next. Well we caught up today and I'm very happy to say things are totally super dandy pants now.

Everything was normal when we met up, nothing had changed. She seemed a little nicer though, not giving me as much shit as usual. Yeah we have one of those diss-ya-but-I-love-ya friendships (doesn't everyone right?) I knew she wouldn't bring it up so I subtly attempted to once.. but that didn't work. The end of the day was approaching so I just decided to be blunt, probably the most blunt I've been in a long time. I just go "Hey dude are we just gonna pretend I didn't like come out to you a month ago?" She was a bit shocked and like "No! Of course not.. but what do you want me to say?" It was sweet because I knew she didn't want things to change or be awkward and make me feel uncomfortable, the reason why she probably didn't bring it up. She said she was cool with everything and I could say whatever I felt and not ever to feel the need to hold back. She asked me your usual text book coming out questions which of course I had the answers to (prepared and preheated since 2005 and re-useable in ever coming-out occasion). So everything is all good, I really get it now when people say how important communication is (even if I do suck at it most of the time).

Oh and I've been hanging out with an Oasis kid hehe. She's backpackin' over here.. well she's been over here for like three months. 'Hello!' if you're reading this :P We've been to see drag queens, drag kings and going to some queer places! Yes we're having a gay old time :D Who is it you ask..? Wouldn't you like to know ay? She might beat me up if I give away any more details! Ciao now :]


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Thats great that things are good between you and Alex!I think im jealous of your gay time:P Funny tag there-gaynadians:)

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent-Eleanor Roosevelt

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I have diss-ya-but-love-ya

I have diss-ya-but-love-ya relationships. They're entertaining! And now that I'm out to one of my good friends that gives me crap about being gay the jokes are better.

Anyway, I'm glad for you!! It's so good to know that you're friend stuck by you.

And I want to meet a fellow Oasis kid, lucky.