working, drinking, painting and packing

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hmmm been working lots. today was day 5 of 10 days of work i have in a row. i didnt really mean to have 10 in a row - i was meant to have one of those off but one of my jobs needed someone to cover so i said i would.

im really looking forward to thursday cos after i finish work i am going round to my friends house and 4 of us who use to go to school together are hanging out. ive only seen 2 of them once since we all left home and one of them i havent seen for even longer. it should be great! plan is to start of drinking athers then to the pub. maybe their students union (much better than ours you see) then probably on to a club. and im staying at hers so i dont need to worry about buses home later.

ive been with my girlfriend exactly 8 months today which is cool. :D i actually had a brainwave for a painting i really want to do for her but since im really busy and i want to take plenty of time over it i think i will give it to her for our one year anniversary (you see i have been known to take 6 months on paintings before). im going to go and sketch it down now i think though just while its fresh in my head. im gonig to need a cutting board though and some canvas. cant decide whether to stretch my own or just buy a ready done one. hmmm...

im moving in a week and i really need to start packing...


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working sucks...

A friend of mine got a job @ the local theatre and she has been working like 12 hour nights the past week and a sucks...i feel for ya. Congrats on the 8 mos. though, that's great.

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Congratulations on the 8 months! Have fun with ya mates too, looks like you really need it!