XD *SQUEEEEE! friday+sat night

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In my 2nd most recent journal I was having a cry about how I wasn't going to see T before next weekend.
Which would mean like 2.5 weeks of not seeing her.

She changed plans so she could come and see meeeeeee!

And we went into town and walked around and lurked people and kinda had fun.
And she was being a smartass and teasing me and stuff.
So later when I got picked up I was kind of frustrated at her because my best friend/ex-girlfriend (probably not the best person to take relationship advice off but oh well =/ ) has been maybe trying to break us up, but I'm not sure if it's because she cares about me alot as a friend, or if she want's to date again. I think it's both of them really :S
But she's been saying that T treats me like crap, and that I deserve better and could do better and that it doesnt matter how good I, and/or everyone else thinks she is, she's not treating me right as a girlfriend etc.

So me and T had a mini-fight over TXT messages.
But I called her later and apologized and we talked for hours till her phone went dead and she couldnt find a charger.

I went to Luna Park in Sydney to go to Alexisonfire.
We met awesome people on the train. And one of the girls was really cuuute and she hugged me all night ^_^

I didddd kind of maybe take 3/4 of an ecstasy pill.
And buy glowsticks and redbull.
And got hugs all night which made me feel awesome (its seriously like the best thing to do while on E's.
So perhaps that's why it was so good.
But I was with my friends and there was absolutely AMAZING music and they played my favourite songssss and we made more friends and I hugged them like 349530 times everytime I saw them and they're the kind of people that kiss you goodbye and they were all supercuteee.

And the thing that kept me smiling the rest of the night, till wee hours in the morninggg wassss...
T said she loved me.
Okay. For some of you it might not be a big deal.
But she's got so many defences up and hardly ever shows emotion around people.
But she said she loved me.
For the firstttt timeeee.
One month and One day, Saying she loves me.

Most excellent night ever.
So so content with life.
And I don't even feel that bad today. No scat-ness.
I am a tad tired though.
I couldn't sleep well so I've got like 3 hours rest after the whole of yesterday.

Much loveeeee!
Comment if you like ^_^


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Sounds like you had fun! I love hugs more when I'm drunk.. I'm a friendly drunk, and for all those out there with sick minds, yes I do mean that kind of friendly...
O.O Did I just admit that??
Anyways, Congrats, theres nothing like love

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Oh lovely! Congratulations on getting an I love you! That's exciting =]]