Yay, hair gel! I look all butch now! :D (A collection of random thoughts)

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I was talking about what I should do with my hair today while I was in the car with my uncle, my sister, and my brother. (We were going to see Spider-Man 3. But more on that later.) My uncle stopped by Target on the way to the movie, and he bought me some hair gel! It’s so freaking awesome. I’ve slicked my bangs back with it now, and since I have short hair, I look really butch. :D It rocks. I think I’ll go to school with my hair like this on Monday. This is so awesome. I like having my bangs completely out of the way.

Spider-Man 3 was AWESOME! Well, that’s just my opinion. I mainly liked it because I am a major comic book geek and I loved what they did with the villain Venom. The people who made the movie really stuck to the comic book, although they didn’t really explain Venom’s origins that well. I’m going to stop talking about the movie now so that I don’t spoil it for anyone.

I’ve basically been just hanging out the past few days, having fun… It’s nice. It’s helping me to get over my straight crush faster. I’m even starting to be nicer to my crush lately. I mean, lately I’ve been kinda snappy at her because of my unrequited crush on her and everything. But now when I see her, I’m a lot less moody. I like it.

I’m thinking about going to school with my slicked up hair and a dress shirt and tie on. My grandmother gave me this old dress shirt and tie she had in her closet the last time I visited her, and I really want to wear them in public, but I’m kind of afraid. I love the tie. It’s really goofy looking. It has a bunch of pink, yellow, and blue hearts on it. :D

I’m taking a break from the novel I was writing earlier. It was serious and depressing, but now I’m writing a story that’s a little more lighthearted. I plan to return to my book soon, but right now I’m just chilling, trying to get over this stupid crush. I just can’t write a serious story at the moment; it’ll just make me feel even more depressed in general.

My mom saw my hair, and she said that it was good that I was experimenting and trying to figure out who I was. :/ She also told me that if I want to put spikes in my hair, she could help me with that. (She’s had spikes in her hair before.) I don’t really want spikes, but it’s so cool that my mom is cool with my hair, you know? I’m just glad she’s not like, “Wash out that gel right now, young lady! You look like a drag king!” My mom’s neat.

So, uh, later? And don’t forget to comment! *leaves out a tray of cookies for everyone who comments*


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*takes one* :D im planning

*takes one* :D im planning on doing that with my hair too....its really long right now and i cant wait to cut it...and im dying it brown :) im sick of being a blondie....anyway i just got back from seeing spiderman 3 also and it was so awesome...i love the comic books also and they did such a wonderful job. my whole family is like why do u want to cut your pretty hair and im sorta saddened. ive been wearing a lot of shirts like that lately and its been a lot of fun :D hope ur happy stays.

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I can't wait to see

I can't wait to see spiderman 3 that's for tomorrow, though. Where's my cookie?

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you can do it

Being yourself will always make you feel swell. Ah yes the love for hair products, I can relate. Dress how you want, confidence and individuality is much sexier than conformity.

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Butch-dom ^^ hah, nice. But yeah, like Y-Gurl said...... who gives a crap what other people think? (Yeah, slightly paraphrased, I admit...)

*joinks cookie*

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You're a Charlatan

I don't know who you are or how I came across this but you're so full of shit as far as Spider-man 3 goes. They didn't follow the comic books at all. They changed Eddie Brock's character and story completely. You can't imagine how angry I am right now. They fucked up Venom so much. He didn't even refer to himself as "We". You really have no idea what you're talking about. I think I'm going to cry.

If you want to know what I'm talking about, just read my lastest myspace blog. Yes, I'm a myspace loser.