...a chance to get away

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yuppers...i've found a way to get away and hopefully i am able to do it. my friend, louie the one that keeps on hittin on me at work lol...he's really cool and i don't mind 'cause it makes work soooo much FUN :). but anyways he told me that since i'm employed with the company that wherever they go...i CAN go. so he was askin me if i was gonna go on the island trip. i didn't kno about it but he told me that they were goin to go to a neighbor island for another carnival there....I SOOOOO WANNA GO. he said that they pay for the transportation and all that good expensive stuff lol.

i also think that he's tryin to have me go...so he can...idk hook up wit me or something. it's soooo funnie. 'cause on friday it was me, him, and this other girl workin and he was bein all flirtacious with her and he sees me in the corner by myself (i was workin lol and doin my job) and asked if i was jealous 'cause he's talkin to her....LMAO i was laughin. i love work :)

well...nothin much happened...well anything that i can write at the moment 'cause i am at lei's house...i'll wait 'til next time... okie dokie.

take cares everyone :)


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Lol. He's hitting on you.

Lol. He's hitting on you. How funny! Silly boy.

Oooh, that trip sounds like it could be tons of fun! Just as long as he doesn't like, I dunno, get really pushy and stuff. Get what I mean?

I'm glad you're having so much fun at your new job.

I miss reading your journals!

~I love goodluck rubs ;P

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Poor guy, why do girls/guys

Poor guy, why do girls/guys gotta hit on us? except for bis, they are just hurting themselves.

The trip will be incredible! hopefully you'll be able to go, it might get really fun. You seem to be in a good luck row, keep it going!

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