A good mood

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I honestly don't know why I am making a journal entry.I don't actually have ANYTHING at all going on right now.But I'm just in a happy/good mood.I'm not even sure why either.But it's a nice feeling.I think I am just feeling more optimistic about life in general lately,and Summer always makes life seem brighter.
I still have a lot of things to sort out regarding coming out/sexuality,all that stuff.But I just feel like dammit I am not going to spend my life worrying about it.I can do and be whatever I want.Yeah,I guess I am just a lot less stressed about it which is good:)
Hmm what else can I talk about?I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow.I'm not sure what I want to get done with it though.I want it shorter because it is just too time consuming to wrestle with every day once its past my shoulder.Though I hate going to the hair-dressers(thats kind of a weird word I never noticed that before).I hate going because I always feel really uncomfortable sitting there for ages in front of a mirror making polite conversation with the person doing my hair.But its got to be done I guess.
Oh I am also getting an eye test and new glasses this week.I don't need glasses all the time,just for studying and stuff.But I want to get a really cool pair of dark rimmed ones.I actually enjoy eye tests.Is that weird?My optician is just a really nice guy.He reminds me of bear in the big blue house(does anyone even know that kids show?).
So anyways yeah thats all for now.Just thought I'd pop by and not moan for once.Laterz.


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nice to know I'm not the only one who gets uncomfortable trying to make conversations with strangers who always end up butchering my hair and making me look like a damn pansy...

I speak fluent redneck

Don't apologize for calling me Sir

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I hate going to the

I hate going to the hairdresser too!
I love having my hair cut, but I hate the small talk bit and horrible hair salon music. It's alright at the moment because we just have Tracy come round our house and basically sheer us (us being the siblings). So eat my breakfast with my hair in foils and everyone just talks amongst themselves.

Bear in the Big Blue House was weird- the mini siblings used to watch it. Just had to watch bananas in pajamas this evening (babysitting)- now that's a very strange program.

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I remember Bear in the Big Blue House!

I hate getting a haircut too! :( I hate doing the whole polite talk thing, so I just stay quiet. Rude? Yeah, most likely, but it makes me very uncomfortable and I don't have anything interesting to say anyway. Besides, they usually give me weird looks so whatever.

Yay for being happy!

~I love goodluck rubs ;P