A rant about ex's

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This is a rant. Be warned all, and for those who know me take nothing personally.

Sean, if i'd had my bag at the Roost that night, I would've grabbed the midnight greyhound outta e-town. And I didn't bother when we got back to yoru place cause i fell asleep before I could think of a way to get to the station that didn't mean an hour-long wait for a cab and/or a huge fight that I didn't have the damn energy for. I knew it was over weeks before you called me, babe. Points for trying to be honest though. Why do I say trying? "I need time for myself." "I'm getting married in August." Good for you, best of luck, but don't lie to me. I knew you'd met someone that night.

Kristina, get over me. it's only annoying that you're still so utterly hopeful that we'll eventually have a chance again when I never did fall in love with you and we broke up 7 MONTHS ago.

Gin...well, no real bitterness here, cause I'm indifferent. Happy trails, kid.

Courtney....lots here. 1) if you had ever been my best friend you would've realized how damn much it bothered me that every single year you forgot my birthday. 2) Hope you learn how to respect people. 3) Give Sara my best. She seems like a great girl. She respected me more than you EVER did. 4) "Thanks for being such a good friend to Courtney." After she told me that, I cried for hours, realizing you'd never really been one to me. We had our moments, some beautiful, some acrid, some painfully singed....but many, many moments. Good luck, kiddo.


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Ex's suck as I'm sure you

Ex's suck as I'm sure you know haha Doesn't it feel good to get all that stuff off your chest though? Sure, you're not saying it to their faces, but it works in the same way. Anyway rant on...lol