Alaska and Canada

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If I wasn't so tired I'd write a full complete entry.

Right now, I'm in Youbou which is on Vancouver Island, Canada. Yesterday was the end of the 7 day cruise my mom, my two aunts, my cousin and I all took, which was lovely. The cruise line was a little lacking, but seeing the sights was fantastic. Oh, we cruised to Alaska. Beautiful, beautiful area. Trees everywhere, and snow capped mountains everywhere. I got so many pictures and filmed a bunch.

We hit Ketchikan [where I bravely ziplined from tree to tree. A very hot girl was hooking us on to the line and said me eyes were pretty. Bless her heart for getting me mind of the fear for two seconds] and Skagway, Junea, and Prince Rupert which was really plain, not much to do at all.

On the ship I saw quite a few younger people [12-14] who were gay and probably didn't know it yet. Mostly girls. Besides that, hardly any gay people at all =[ One older lesbian couple.

But based on what I've heard I'm anticipating seeing quite a few in Vancouver. I've heard that it has a rather large gay population [or so says its website]. Vancouver's our next stop. We'll be there for 3 days, 4 nights. [I think there's a couple people on here who live up there, yeah? If you can give me any advice on what to hit up while there, let me know!]. Then we drive down to Seattle and stay there for a couple days, then go down the Oregon coast towards home.

A long, enjoyable trip =]

Here in Youbou it's been raining on and off, heavy and light. It smells so clean and fresh. You don't get fresh air like this in California. Plus, it's so pretty, all the trees, and mountains and lakes. Hell, even the clouds look better than they do in California.

And as far as C goes, there's not much to report. I'll update more on this later, but we've been talking via texts and messages when we can [Alaska made it hard, but we texted here and there] and there's been no talk of the subject of her liking me. But like I said, more later.


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I'm a canadian and vancouver

I'm a canadian and vancouver is like our seattle. Pretty big gay population.
~~~Fear is only a verb if you let it be.. don't you dare let go of my hand~~~

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I just got back from

I just got back from Vancouver! My aunt and her partner got married there. I have to say, every Canadian we met was sweet and helpful.

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vancouver and seattle = love

vancouver is totally canada's seattle.... it's awesome!

and when you're in seattle... make sure to check out capitol hill... if you want a good bookstore up there go to Bailey/Coy books on broadway ... very cool store.... the owner and my mom's partner were umm.. "good friends" in colllege... ;)

have fun! happy adventures!

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damn if I were back in

damn if I were back in Vancouver right now, I would bring you around.

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Oh you live there? Awesome.

Oh you live there? Awesome. But too bad you're not around. Do you have any recommendations though? I think today mom and I are hitting up Stanley Park and the aquarium and such.

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hmmm/...those area really

hmmm/...those area really good locations. downtown is fun too, if you're into shopping go to granville and robson.
the Vancouver Art Gallery is also really good too. Lots of local and out of town artists.

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Oh yeah, yesterday was

Oh yeah, yesterday was shopping day, and our hotel is on Robson, so we really hit that up. We didn't get to Granville but we wandered down to Gastown. I think we walked past the art gallery [on Robson too?] and we saw a couple artists, but we didn't stick around to see much else.

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Gastown is pretty damn

Gastown is pretty damn awesome!
I've only passed by that area, but its definitely like you've walked into another city.
Go again! hehe....make it a longer trip next time!