amp overdrive

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Hey everyone... I've missed keeping up with everyone on here, but I havent had the urge to write until now...
So I moved out of my house & living with my friend and my girlfriend. Which living w. my gf is not actually all that weird bc we're also friends so it's not as weird as I think it would have been if we weren't friends first, you know?
So we have this kick-ass house in West Chester and I'm going to WCU in the fall... I think I'm going to major in social work and minor in spanish/ some other foreign language. No idea yet... still undeclared officially.
So the reason I wanted to write this post is bc I'm all hyped up on caffine and nicotine (just spent $20 at 711 on cigarettes, energy drinks, and candy bars).
The reason I find this so exciting is that besides the cigs I'm pretty much back to being amused w.o some form of drug... And it reminds me of eighth grade... and that just makes me happy. No idea.
: )