An Actual TECHnical Support Problem!

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Sooo, recently my brother got a Router for our internet since he claimed it would be sped up, he showed my dad the specs and now we're all Linksys router happy. Since he's on summer break though, he's at home more often, and downloading a bunch of nice illegal movies. Yay him.

The PROBLEM however, is that my internet goes VERY slowly when he does this, apparantly the bandwidth goes down since it's all shared and not equally divided or anything. He'll turn them off when I ask him to when he's at home, but sometimes he leaves for days or hours and my internet will be super slow and last time there was a power cut, voila his PC gets turned off while he's out, mine is down a while, when it comes back up it's going MEGA fast.

So I'm fine with him downloading things, but I can't live with these pages taking over 30 secs to load at a time pretty often now, and us having Cable and paying a lot for it. My brother claims you can't change anything or divide the bandwidth without something complex.

So far google has given me info about QoL and some splitting things that apparantly come with all Routers? I'm really uncertain as to what to do though. There are 3 computers linked, my bro's, my dad's and mine. My dad's using the net doesn't slow anything down, but what I just want is some way of dividing the bandwidth, or restricting my brother from using up so much that my PC can't do anything.

Thanks :)

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Yea he is saturating your

Yea he is saturating your connection not much you can do about it.

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You can restrict the amount of bandwidth the downloading application can use. If it is BitTOrrent, I know there is a setting whereby the maximum download rate can be set at whatever level, giving you the rest of the bandwidth.


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Also some Linksys routers

Also some Linksys routers have QoS so you will have to to take a peek and see :)

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I'm not sure if this would

I'm not sure if this would work but. Well you could try getting your brother to go into task manager then go to processes and go to the program downloading the videos and set the priority to low and it might help a bit. Just a theory though so I'm not entirely certain. But if it it bitTorrent just go with Jeffs plan.