andy warhol and the demske

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About a half an hour ago I came back from an award's ceremony for the Demske Writing Contest at our school. I got second place for a mini-short story I wrote [$30 prize!]. It suprising, because the only reason I entered the contest was because it was an assignment for English class. [Flipping through the magazine that goes with the awards-- plus those who sucked too much to win but still had good pieces-- there were a lot of people from my class in there, hah.]

S won traditional poetry for her poem "The Ballad of K-Fed" which I think it fantastic because it rose above all those trying-to-be-unique angsty emo poems that hardly qualify as original or unique. All those poems try to be something they aren't, and something purely witty and humorous beat them. I don't know... does anyon else see the beauty in that?

Today was my Andy Warhol presentation. So yes, I dressed in blazer and tie and sunglasses and a beret to hide my hair [with my bands combed all to one side with the rest pulled back] and acted like Andy. I was really nervous, which actually heightened my character, hah. My english teacher told a classmate "I'm not sure if she was just doing good character or was really nervous." But anyway, it went smoothly.

I'll be uploading the video sometime.


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Well done for the story

Well done for the story prize
The Andy Warhol thing sounds fun I'm glad it went well, if you post the video I might post the video from my Big Spender routine (if my stupid friend ever gets round to sending it to me). Not that that's much incentive.

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Hey, sounds like a deal to

Hey, sounds like a deal to me. Apparently, my video is too big for youtube. I'm going to have to save it as a different type of file or something. Because it's a short video.