Another friend is bi, Masterbation, and Paris gets dissed

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Well, like I said in my last journal entry I've been finding friends on Facebook that I haven't seen since I finished school about 2 and a half years ago. So I found one of my friends who I have know since elementry and I always remember how I gave her one of those juice gummy candies (you know the ones your mom would always pack in your lunch bag) and she was chewing it and all of a sudden her tooth came out ha ha good old memories. Anyways I added her and she accepted, so when I looked on her profile it said that she is interested in men and women and she was also in a group that was for nympho bi-sexuals. So yeah apparently she's bi but I don't know, she's a big partier likes to get drunk and get high so we wouldn't make for best friends I know that. It's not that I'm opposed to having friends who are like that it's just that they find me a bit boring cause well..I'm not like that. But it's just interesting to know what she's up to.

On a random note... The other day I was watching Video on Trial 80s edition ( My fellow Canadians should know the show..If you don't know it, its a show that they have comedians and other ppl basically make fun of music videos and then thay decide if it sux or not) So they had this song She Bop by Cyndi Lauper I have never seen the video nor did I ever hear the song before. It was funny cause apparently Cyndi Lauper got in trouble back in the 80s because the song is really about Masterbation ha I was laughing the whole way through watching it. There's all sorts of hints that it's about masterbation like a sign that says "Masterbingo" and stuff like that. You can probably find the video on youtube or somewhere and it's good for a laugh and you'll see how tame it was compared to what singers are allowed to sing about and what they can do in music videos now.

One more thing did anybody watch the MTV movie awards? It was pretty good especially the beginning, oh did Paris Hilton get dissed or what? Sarah Silverman was good as host she wasn't afraid of dissing everyone that was in the audience. I can't remember exactly what she said but basically she was like "Paris is going to jail everybody, yeah I heard that to make her feel more comforatable in jail they are gonna paint the bars to look like penis' I'm afraid she's gonna break her teeth on them" Ha, I laughed pretty good after that one:D and then the camera went to Paris and she looked really hurt by that(obviously) but yeah maybe she was being a little harsh on Paris but I dunno???

So yeah that's what I have to write about and thanks for reading:)


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I watched the first half of

I watched the first half of the MTV film thingy- I thought Sarah Silverman was good. I've got really inexplicable sympathy for Paris Hilton just because she's such a genius self-publicist, I think she's secretly very clever (well at least not as stupid as she looks); even if she is her own product.

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Hahahah, I feel dumb...

Hahahah, I feel dumb... because I have NO idea what you're talking about... And I'm Canadian... (But then, I am from Alberta...hahaha jk I love Alberta...)

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