another one of my really long journal entrys

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I got a movie called fingersmith. It was really good up until the end. It's about this guy named Mr. Rivers who gets a girl named Sue to convince another girl named Maud to marry him. Mr. Rivers wants to marry Maud because she's really rich, once he gets her money through the marriage he's going to put her in a mad house. Sue will be payed 3000 pounds if she convinces Maud to marry Mr. Rivers. Sue goes along with her part of the plan but falls in love with Maud. It was a nice movie until the end where the plot twisted. I didn't understand the twist at all which is really pissing me off. If anyone's seen it could you please explain the end to me, I'm really confused.

I got the book Two Teenagers in Twenty from the library yesterday. I don't like it very much, I was kinda dissapionted because I heard it was so good. A lot of the people in that book say that they found youth groups of some kind for queer youth and that they helped a lot. I found a local gay support group through and hopfuly they'll have a group that might be helpful. I've called them once and no one's picked up. They don't have a website so I can't find information that way. I don't even know what I'm looking for. I want to actualy meet some people who are queer, I know a bunch of friend who are bi, but no one above about a 3 on the Kinsy scale. i'm just nervous about going to a group like that. I also don't know what my parents would do if they found out I was going to a queer youth group. Alomst everyone close to me knows that I'm queer but I still feel uncomfortable being myself around them, I still feel like I have to hide. I feel awkward about how much time I spend on oasis and I don't want to tell my parents that I got a gay movie today. And I'd never talk about girls in front of them, I can't even make jokes about it, they act like I'm asexual, I'M NOT. I don't know if the cause of this is me or them or what I should do about it. I came out so that this wouldn't happen anymore. grrrrr

Tomorrow I'm going with the girl I have a crush on to some event at her dad's job. It's not a date but it'll be fun anyways. When she called me a few days ago to tell me about it the power went out and she thought I had hung up on her. She meant to send an email to me saying "you're cranky" but by accident sent it to her dad. It was funny.


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i quit reading gay books when i realized that all of them have happy endings. i read two teenagers in twenty and i didn't like it cuz i'm jealous
that i don't have a million gay friends and a gay youth group and supportive parents and blah blah blah.. sorry i kinda started to rant.
*slinks away*

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maud sucksby and sue lillys identities were first changed when mr lilly came after sues mother/his sister. in order for Mrs sucksby to get her daughter maude back and collect sues mothers fortune sahe pays rivers to change maud and sues identity again.

If you watch it again be aware that the 2nd part preceeds the 1st part..