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*Takes breath* I think this is going to be a loooong journal.It is my birthday today.Woo and I might add a hu!I have reached the grand old age of 22.I think that is probably kind of old by this sites standards.But I don't think it qualifies me as an OAP in life in general!

But I must admit my birthday is sort of sucking immensly!!I got some nice presents and I do appreciate them.But point one that makes it suck is my Dad forgot:(.I got a card and present from my Mam.The card was written from both of them but my Mam wrote it and got the present.My Dad was completely oblivious to this though.My parents don't actually speak to each other,hence she obviously just didn't bother telling him.It just annoyed me because sometimes he is so wrapped up in himself and who he has decided I am that he just completely disappears into his own little world.I do love him and I feel really bad giving out about him,but a happy birthday from him this morning before I went to work would have been nice!

Which leads me onto my next point of how work added to the not coolness of my birthday!A ten hour day of stressful transactions is never pleasant!I swear every second customer I served had a complaint.I was losieng the plot!But in a break from this whinging some people at work were all like "OMG its your birthday here have a hug".So yeah it was nice to feel some love!!

Now onto my next point,I am doing nothing to celebrate it:( The majority of my friends are away on a really awesome holiday.There are still a few of my friends in the country but they don't really know each other.The only way they have met before is through me.I was going to plan going out somewhere for a night out until I realised the lack of people to go!!Well there was people to go I am probably just making excuses.I was just afraid to actually plan a night out incase nobody came because yes I am that insecure.It is stupid really!!

Well this has been a tiring moany rant.But I am going to take something positive from the whole birthday experience and that is to make sure that my next one rocks.Oh and I am not sure but I may plan some celebrations for this one later in the week...if I am not too much of a weirdo!!

Oh and I forgot to mention I was almost mugged the other night but I got away,then a couple of days later me and friends got attacked.All in all I'm having bad spell of luck!!


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Happy Birthday!!!!! I'm

Happy Birthday!!!!! I'm sorry it's sucking, but we all have those birthdays when things don't go well. So, hopefully, since you got all the suckiness out this year, next year will be tons better. YAY!!!

~I love goodluck rubs ;P

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Happy Birthday!! Sorry to

Happy Birthday!! Sorry to hear it's not going well. Perhaps your bad luck will eventually amount to good.

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happy birthday to you

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATE!! Oh don't be bummed, you should celebrate, I'm sure your friends will come! You almost got mugged? That sounds like scary stuff dude, glad you got away in time :0