binding worked : )

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I finaly figured out how to bind successfuly!!!!!!!!!!! The first time I did it it hurt so much. I took it off after about 5 seconds cuz it felt like my boobs were in a vice. A few minutes latter I did it again and it hurt less. I kept experimenting with it and eventualy I found a way to do it so that it doesn't hurt. I thought binding would make me look flat but physicaly be REALLY painful. But it's not like that at all!!!!!!!!!! Not only did it look better but it felt better too. I wear sports bras most of the time, which makes me feel more or less flat, but this was different. I don't know how to describe it, it just felt right, as if this is how I'm supposed to be. I've had breasts for about 2ish years now and they still don't feel quite right. But this, this felt so perfect and comfortable. Hopfuly today I'll get a chance to go down to the field near my house and practice pitching. I think I'm going to go with my breasts bound and hope I don't meet anyone who would notice what's going on.


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Well I for one am happy you

Well I for one am happy you finally did should go out & see if you can pass now. It's not that hard, actually. At least down here in the south.
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I did go out

I went out to practice pitching. I walked half way around the block to the field behind this playground. On the walk down there I was so scared. It was the middle of the day so there weren't too many people around, but I was scared that someone would see me and be like "wtf, where are your boobs?" The only people I saw were 3 construction workers who were working on the playground, a woman at the playground with her child, and a man working in his yard. The only person who I got within 20 feet of was the man working in his yard. He smiled and said hi to me so I assume he didn't notice(or maybe he's just nice and didn't care). I had to walk through the playground to get to the field, so I stoped and sat on the swings. I love swings. I felt so free on it today. When I first walked out of my house I was terified that I would meet someone I knew and they would notice that something was up, but when I was on the swing I wanted someone to come along just so I could gloat about being flat. I wanted someone I knew to come and see me like this so I could show them who I really am. I was so happy, it felt wonderful!!!!!!!! Eventualy I decided to go to the field and practice pitching. By that time I had had it on for at least 15 minutes. It hadn't hurt when I'd put it on for just a couple of minutes in my room, but keeping it on for a while made it hurt. To pitch properly I have to breathe in and out at a certain pionts in my motion to keep me centered and balanced, but with that thing wraped around my chest I could hardly suck in enough air to stand, let alone whip my arm around. It hurt so much. I had to take it off, so I went behind some trees and took it off. I hated taking it off, it had been so wonderful to feel that free and then I had to give it up. I felt like a failure. Once again I couldn't pitch, but this time because I was too depressed. I only pitched one strike out of the ten throws. : ( Even I'm not normaly that bad. I hated the walk back, i wanted to cover my chest with my arms in embarasment. I always find my breasts embarasing, but normaly if I wear my normal boys clothes it's not so bad, but today, even in my boys' tee, I felt awful. It seemed like I had some sign taped to my shirt saying "stare at me, I have boobs that don't belong here, watch the freak as he/she/confusedlittlekidwhocan'tdecidewhattheirgenderis walks past" It was horrible. I still felt bad going out hours latter when I was walking my dog. I didn't worry that someone who had seen me when I was flat would see me then and spaz, I just felt so bad about choosing to give up what had been so nice.

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oh........I'm sure you'll

oh........I'm sure you'll get used to it....I mean it was only the 1st time, wasn't it?
It's like a lady bra, I hated it at first. Well...I still do, but I could have gotten used to it had I not switched to sports bra again.. you know what I mean..
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I might just be stupid but

I might just be stupid but what is binding? I have no idea at all what it is. I think I do but tell me.

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binding is...

when you do something to your breasts to make yourself look flat. They sell vests that you wear that make you look flat or you can use anything you want to do the same thing. I've heard of using pantihose and I've tried using these wierd bandages and belts. I used the bandage thingy today and it worked pretty well, the belts didn't work at all(they were really painful and lumpy)

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well, congrats about going out bound! That takes a lot of courage. I'm sorry it started hurting. I have attempted to bind with scarves, and that was... entertaining. Rather ineffective. Though I must say that when you're a DD, binding pretty much maybe will turn you into a B. If you're really lucky. And that will HURT. So--I can never look like a boy! Yay! Without getting SRS, and I'm not at all sure if I want to do that.

You will figure everything out. At least, I hope you do, because then I will too! Try not to let it overwhelm you too much. It will come when it will come, and until then you will just have to deal. It's uncomfortable and it can be scary deciding if you are going to live on the edges of society. But there's a whole trans world out there outside your town, and people will take you in and you will have friends and a culture. Whatever happens, it will turn out all right. It's scary and it might be hard, but you'll be OK.

Man, that was a long ramble. Sorry! Late at night! And congratulations again.

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YAY! I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! :) Binding is wonderful and I love it. Don't be bummed out about not being able to pitch right with it. You're weren't a perfect pitcher on your first throw, right? It took lots of practice. Well, you just have to retrain yourself with the binder. It may take awhile, but it's all worth it, right? And if the pain gets unbearable, do take it off. Yes, it does feel weird without it, but I don't want you passing out or anything :P I'm so happy it worked for you and made you feel so much better. I think this is a good time to start binding because you prepare yourself during the summer and go back to school with it. That way, it's not a total shocker like you coming to school one week with boobs and the next boobless. Lol. Try being out at semi-public places like the park and maybe soon graduate to walmart, kmart, the mall, or whatever huge public place you have around there. But, all in good time ;) Don't rush yourself.

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Yay for binding! haha I

Yay for binding! haha I know how you feel, like everybody is staring at just you because you're different gender wise because I have the same problem myself. But the thing is that most people when they see that a person is of the opposite sex that they're dressing won't care. They'll probably just figure you're a tomboy with a flat chest if they don't know you. The hard part is not being paranoid about what other people are thinking. Tip for passing if you don't already do it: wear two shirts instead of one. And also you could try wearing a baseball cap if you're worried about people recognizing you. Good luck with the whole gender thing, take your time to figure it out!