bottle it up

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"Whatever it is, bottle it up and sell it to me.... I need a new drug that does what it should" God, I love Emily Haines.

Before I switched to this song [which happens to be my myspace song, hah] I was listening to "Gin Divides Us" by Sybris. [If you've ever heard of that band, high-five]. Sybris is seriously amazing; they have a great sound. I really should look into getting their album.

I want to start a band soo bad. S has an adorable friend who sings/writers/records her own sings. And she's hella cute. She has her own music myspace [which functions for personal use too, apparently] and is really cute, if I haven't mentioned that. I want to message her and ask if she'd be interested in being in a band. I almost want to record at least one other song so she can hear what I kind of sound like. Oh I wish she were gay.

Btw, my crush on C is not as gone as I thought. Oh, I hate this. If I were on the outside of this situation I would be writing pathetic all over myself. Honestly.

It feels like a Friday. Probably because I was at school today for SATs. Which were... not easy. Best way to put it, really. I woke up from the deepest sleep of my life to take them. Seriously, I was so out of it, it felt amazing until I realized I had to get up early on my weekend morning. And I found out I don't even have to take them because I'm not going directly to a four year. Psh. Haha, my proctor was my ex-boyfriend's mom aka the reason I broke up with him, basically. She's all nice to my face but God knows [literally] that she goes home and talks of how I'm going to hell because I'm not a bible-hugging Christian. Christ.

Oh anyway... I'm so tired right now. Y, C, and I went to the land conservancy to film, but didn't get much done. More about that later. I'm hitting the sack.


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I want to start a band

I want to start a band's hard being the only enthusiastic one isn't it? you can record your own songs if you haven't already so you can say to her " you're a musician? too."
AND I took the SATs too! we should start a club. I found them relaxing. hm.
And easier than regular tests. Why? I don't know. I got a 1940 but I am taking the math part again.
If you get a good score you can always play the ask-everyone-else-what-they-got-and-act-all-superior-to-them game.
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