change in course?

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It's too late and I'm too tired to go into explanation of the next chapter in the whole liking C thing.

But things have taken a slightly different turn.

She likes me a little?


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OMG!!! As soon as you're not

OMG!!! As soon as you're not tired, you need to explain!!!!

~I love goodluck rubs ;P

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elaborate further!

what what now?

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so i just started jumping up and down...

for you!

i knew that girl would come around... after you posted those pictures of you guys.... she's way too gorgeous not to at least have a few gay tendencies! ha ha...

i wanna hear more!!!

good luck!

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Haha thank you for feeling

Haha thank you for feeling the joy as much as I did. However, there are quite a few negatives. But still, just the fact that she does like me a bit is definetely an upper.

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that is so an upper. i hope

that is so an upper. i hope it's a large bit and not a small bit?
you always condemned me and your lovers condemned me
i stood speechless
reality's jovial