Dante's Cove Second Season: DVD Review

by dykehalo

Dante's Cove Season 2: DVD Review

Dante's Cove Season 2 can be described as a campy soap opera with interesting characters. If you imagine Charmed meets Queer as Folk, The L Word and Buffy the Vampire Slayer you begin to get a picture of what Dante's Cove is. It's a supernatural, dramatic, mystery, thriller, horror show with countless hot, graphic sex scenes and lots of male full-frontal nudity.

I had never viewed a single episode of the first season so the summary at the beginning of the first episode was a thorough yet fast and clear which I found very helpful as well as Jeff's review of Season 1.

Kevin is the "hot young guy" of the show. Everyone wants him but very few can have him. Kevin is living and dating Toby. Toby is Kevin's "Sugar Daddy" buying and paying for everything and never asking for anything in return except love and sex.

Ambrosius is one of Kevin's other love interests. Ambrosius was under a spell from Grace (his ex-fiance) and trapped in a basement until Diana (Grace's sister) helps him out by making him look you again. After Kevin here's screaming he goes down to the basement frees Ambrosius by kissing him. Ever since Ambrosius has been using his magical powers to try and get Kevin back and do evil things to anyone who might possibly stand in his way.

Van is Toby's best friend and is one of 3 lesbians in the show. Van has magical powers that she has recently found and tries to use them for the good but still hasn't managed how to work them. Both Grace and Diana try to get on Van's good side and help her because who ever can get Van's power can change their history and have power over everyone else.

Michelle begins the second season as Van's conservative girlfriend but doesn't accept Van's interest in all the weird magic that surrounds Dante's Cove. Van places a spell on Michelle and there relationship is no more... Michelle doesn't even know who Van is.

All the characters have many mini storylines that connect with everyone else's which all help to make the bigger storyline a bit clearer. At times the show can get confusing if you're not paying enough attention but overall it walks the line between simple and confusing.

The special effects leave much to be desired but considering the low budget are actually pretty good. The scenes from the 1800's were somewhat believable. But could easily be seen as people just dressing up in period clothing in present time.

The special features on disc two were pretty dull and boring. The deleted scenes were obviously taken out for a reason; they were 10 seconds long, had useless information in them and terrible acting.

Normally I'm not into supernatural soap opera shows but this one managed to hook me and really surprised me. If you're looking for a good TV show that you could watch in a day that has naked guys and many sex scenes Dante's Cove is the show for you.



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I had never watched this

I had never watched this show..