Dyke Status?

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Wow. I, um, have a confession to make. It may revoke my 'dyke' status for the rest of my life. In a state of deep emotional distress (actually, I had a really crappy day), I watched Legally Blonde and *gasp* sorta enjoyed it. I feel...almost...straight. Or at least a bit more femme than I used to be. Although, in the defense of my 'dyke' status, my favorite parts were when the lesbo was on screen (if i had eyes for anyone other than my wonderful girlfriend, i'd think she was hot).
What do you guys think? Do I still retain the right to leave my legs unshaven?

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~yes... you do retain the

~yes... you do retain the right to leave your legs unshaven.

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No, you must commence waxing

No, you must commence waxing immediately. And exfoliation. Before you wax, obviously, so that the hair removal process works better. And then moisturise.

And you should watch Bring it On. Not only is it better than Legally Blonde- it inspired very um conflicting feelings in me as a young confused barely-teenager at sleepovers (especially Eliza Dushku).

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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Not the wax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please, no.......

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shaving your legs and what

shaving your legs and what movies you watch are connected????????? News to me. I liked Legaly Blonde so I guess I'll have to start waxing and shaving and miosturizing. I should tell my parents that I want to do that just to see what their reaction would be. ha ha. my mom would be half shocked, half relieved, and then take me to a shrink.

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What should any of this

What should any of this matter. I foyu are butch, then you are butch. If not, then you aren't, silly. If you are still butch after watching a movie with reese witherspoon... then what does it matter. *silly-billy!*
and no, you aren't.

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You can do what you want

You can do what you want with your legs. I really don't care. As to your dyke status: it seems kind of stupid to label yourself differently because you saw a movie. But if you want to change it you don't have to, which it sounds like you don't.

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