Elmo knows where you live!!

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HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH ok so this is a great video you should all watch it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyqY8UmHj_4

but anyways that's not why i wanted to jounal today. i just wanted to take the time to tell you all how i'm doing lately. now please note that i'm not trying to make anyone depressed or anything because my life is so amazing right now, but i just wanted to express my sheer extasy with my new man. well since my last entry we've found ourselves in a committed relationship! YAY!!!!! this really is the happiest i have ever been in my life, and even though i've only known him for a few weeks, it feels like we were really made for one another. yeah i know it's cliche but i don't give a shit what you think. : P so yeah i just wanted to tell you how happy i am and that i have a boyfriend who i would do pretty much anything for. OOOO i'm facepainting for my GSA tomorrow! just thought that i'd add that in too! : D


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u spelled ecstasy wrong...

just thought I'd let u know, since you're a genius and all. Lol. Good fr you dude. I'm happy for ya.

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Congradulations! I'm still

Congradulations! I'm still little old boyfriend less me, maybe I'll just go be a slut...

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I'm happy for you, dude. I'm

I'm happy for you, dude. I'm glad SOMEONE is in a good relationship. Lucky lil' bastard... And if TheInsideLlama is looking to be a slut... I got a biut o' money... jk

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