Facebook pasts

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Well a few weeks ago I finally made a Facebook account, found my friends added them and now I find myself looking up friends from school that I haven't talked to since I finished highschool over a year ago. And now I'm wondering why I bothered, I mean everyone is different and everyones moved on they've gone to university or have jobs and new friends. Not that I had any really good friends in Highschool I mean I was the quiet shy kid who always sat in the back corner and usually alone too afraid to talk to anyone new. I had friends, you know the ones I would sit at lunch with but once the bell rang and school was done for the day it was like we didn't have anything to say. I'd go home and play street hockey with the boys on my street and they were my real friends, they were the ones I spent my time with, the ones I talked to and the ones I could actually be myself with. Now even they have moved away. And I have changed as well I'm a lesbian proud of it but still in the closet, mostly because I don't feel the need to bring it all out yet. So I guess I should just stop delving in the past and move on and make new friends as I am, the new and improved Ashley.


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Hey.I did that when I set up

Hey.I did that when I set up a bebo account.I found loads of old school mates.I found it kind of depressing to be honest too.Loads of them have gone off and done some interesting things since school,loads haven't changed at all.

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