Fleas suck and my odd fortune cookie

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Well, today was a pretty busy day for me. My dog (she's a shitzu mix)has fleas and I have no idea where she got them from, she hasn't been in any contact with other dogs except my other dog (he's a Chow Chow) and he doesn't have fleas and he never has, somehow. My mom figures that she got fleas from the grass cause apparently they are lurking out in the lawn. So anyways today I vacumed the carpet in my room, then threw all my sheets, blankets and pillowcases in the washer. I took my two dogs for a walk with my mom in the intense heat although there was a nice breeze once in a while. Then right when we got home I bathed my dog and used lots of flea and tick shampoo, she's always good in the bath she'll jump right in and everything, that's if I'm just rinsing her but she usually hates having the shampoo put on her. This time she was totally fine with it, no whining or anything she just stood their and let me lather her up, which made it so much easier. I rinced her off after approximtly 5 minutes, dried her as best I could. Then I vacumed my mattress and I vacumed my carpet once more. So as you can see my day revolved around my dog but it's all good as longs as those pesky fleas dissapear.

On a random note that has absolutly nothing to do with the above. I added this fortune cookis application to my facebook profile and my fortune said "She's the one" It's funny cause I don't even have male or female checked off in the interested in part of my profile, because my friends are on there and I'm not out, so yeah. But I left it there and didn't get a new fortune we will see if they say anything or not. So is it a sign or what? But I dunno it was just weird and kind of funny that that was the fortune I got.


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Is your fortune in relation

Is your fortune in relation to anyone specific?

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It just says "she's the one"

It just says "she's the one" I dunno who it's talking about though. I've only met girls online, I don't hang out with any girls right now, so I dunno. I don't even have a crush right now for that same reason, that I'm not talking to girls except for online through facebook and whatnot.

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My fortune on facebook was

My fortune on facebook was "real men wear pink".
I wouldn't take it too seriously.

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Ha ha....yeah I know they

Ha ha....yeah I know they are just fun It was just odd cause I'm not out and everything