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Hey, I'm new to Oasis, my name is Rachel and I'm bi. I'm sixteen, African-American, and I read a lot. I've been considered a Jesus Freak because I am mad religous, but I'm a progressive christian, so there is like no self hate or anything going on. I'm single, and most people think I'm at least slightly crazy, but hey sanity is overrated. I have a slight stutter. Oh and my mother thinks I'm a prophet...

Anyways the rest of this is a happy rant about Church stuff that happened this past week.

Okay, so a few days ago I got back from my churches General Synod. It's a national meeting where they vote on stuff, and choose where the church is going to go in the future. The church I am a member of is the UCC (the United Church of Christ) which has a couple of slogans "God is still speaking, " and "No matter who you or where you are on life's journey you are welcome here" I was a dancer in the liturgical dance stuff which was awesome it was so freeing and wonderful and people thanked me afterwords, which freaked me out. Why would anyone thank me?! I'm not that good at dancing! I got voted to CYYAM the council for youth and young adult ministries which advocates for youth in the church cross country, it's going to be awesome (I'm still dancing and squealing inside). And while I was there, I saw so many, rainbow pins, ribbons, kercheifs, flags, backpacks, teeshirts, umbrellas, etc, etc, etc, that I forgot I was missing pride week back home. I mean the colors started to swim infront of my eyes, which could have just been the whole going five days on like eight hours of sleep, but hey!

Yes, I'm very least right now, it's cyclic (a word which I love to use but can't pronounce).


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very cool

My aunt is actually a pastor for a UCC church. (And as a sidebar, she's gay.) Because I just spent two weeks visiting her, I figure I've been to enough church to atone for my sins for the next couple of years. I loved what I saw of the UCC though. It's a brilliant entity, especially if you're a gay Christian. Welcome to Oasis - hope you like it here!

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Yay for the non-hating

Yay for the non-hating Christians!! Hey, welcome ^^

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welcome here!
I hope you'll like it! and its great to read that you're in such a nice Church!

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