...gettin' down and diiiiiirrrrtttttyyyyyy ;p

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hehe. heyy everyone. haven't been on for awhile 'cause i no more computer and its summer so i can't go on at school. i've been working a lot now. interesting things have been happening lately lol.

1) the guy that i work with, Louie, turns out to be 30 yrs old (EW) lol. but he's really cool. i'm supposed to meet up with him on wednesday 'cause he wanted to check out my laptop and try and fix it. i had a really weird dream about him the other night...we were walking down a road somewhere...i think it was in the Phillippines and we passed a party he went in and started eating and stuff and this old lady came out of nowhere and said "leave him, he's not who you think he is" so i kept walking and when he called me, i didn't turn around..i just went into the house. i woke up kinda scared. *shudder* creepy.

2) i found out that one of the guys that works at the carnival...likes me. it's kinda irritating me that NOW...people are noticing me. especially guys. so yeah. he worked with me friend, Eva, in one of the games and she told me that all he could talk about was ME...and how he liked me smile and yeah. idk. i talked to him yesterday and he was like "you know yeah?" and i was like "yeah". so we talked for awhile, he said he wanted to get to know me better..i honestly don't mind. but i think i should tell him about me...well that's what Lei told me and i think maybe i should. idk. he's really nice, seems like he has good intentions and has dreams unlike some people i know.

working at the carnival is....interesting. there's so many girls to look at and some i want to get to know but idk. i guess it doesn't help that they're probably straight and i have no chance. Lei said that i give off "i'm taken" vibes and stuff. *shrug* so frustrating. i also saw my ex last week. everytime i see her...she's always with someone. i'm tired of this already. my heart is slowly healing but i still can't let go. she commented on my losing weight. she was like "what are you doing? are you eating?", "you lost weight" and yeah yeah. i guess it is noticable. makes me feel like i was FAT before :(...but whatever i'm waiting for theday i can come up with money to cancel ALL ties with her.

well..imma go now. i'm having allergy problems....the weather and dust is getting to me. plus me, my dad, and my cousin is goin out and crusing today. hopefully i get better 'cause i have senior portraits tomorrow!!

take cares :)


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louie isn't who you think he is

I want some guy to like me so I can lead him on & then one day just be like "oh, and by the way...". It's my life goal.
You want to get rid of the taken vibe.......use shameless flirting. Had I mastered this skill and not only used it ineffectually on straight girls, it might have worked.
Don't you hate when your ex gets the better deal when you break up? Life is unfair. :(
I don't fear making light of the loss of ye
I still want to be asleep with ye