Got Lysol?

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I got my final grades back yesterday and I cleaned up pretty well. The only thing I got a B in was calculus and since I don't plan on designing any airplanes anytime soon, I'm not too worried about that.
Next year should be easy. I have enough credits to take either a half term or go home at 12:30 everyday. I haven't decided what I want to do yet. Today being Friday and the last Friday of my junior year, we are all off today because of the teachers still doing some paperwork from the final grades. Not a problem. Unfortunately since Jerry goes to a different school, he's not off today.
I was given the task of bathroom cleaning at home by mom. I always keep mine pretty clean making sure the shower is scrubbed down at least once a week but the boys are a little different in that respect and mom doesn't trust them to do a good job so guess who gets to do it?
She did give me the option of assigning whatever other task I see fit to them when they get home from school. I think Bar-BQ grill cleaning will be Chucky's task since it is still pretty messed up from the last cookout. It shouldn't be that hard with a little Easy-Off grill cleaner........just a little messy.
Paul and Danny share a bathroom and that is the biggest problem. Neither of them have learned to aim well if you get my drift, and raising the lid is almost unheard of. This leads to unprecedented dribbling on the tile floor. If I can aim at my height, you'd think these two little runts could hit the toilet.
When Paul gets home, he get Hoover duty all over the house while Danny will be assigned to clean the kitchen sink. These little assignments will be permanent and simi-daily from now on and there will be some matriculation to their bathrooms as soon as I make out a list of cleaning duties. I don't plan to have the permanent "little brother bathroom duty" for long.
Jerry and I both work this afternoon until about 7:00 P.M. What he said in his last entry is true about the place. It is nice and we both enjoy working there.
And Yeah, Jerry got his car. It cleaned up really nice. It's a late model Mustang with a nice rompy V-8. but Jerry is a little worried about the gas mileage. Actually my car is not much better though. I have a 3.8 litre V-6 which is not that easy on gas either. Funny I never worried about it until the gas prices went so high. Mr. Bush, our illustrious president is about the most self-centered person I have ever known. His agenda is so far off the beaten path of what the majority of the people want that it's not even funny anymore. Now he's trying to restart the cold war between Russia and the U.S. again with his little rockets in the Czech Republic. Get a clue George, Americans are sick of war. Put some of those billions into oil exploration at home or alternate fuels. Then he suddenly tells the G-8 summit that America will now lead the world in global warming prevention when he has, until now , refused to even believe in such an animal.
I feel like writing a letter to Vladimir and telling him to just hang tight for another 18 months and we'll all be done with Bush.
It's funny how some issues force an otherwise non-political minded person like myself into being so bloody political. I hate politics but just wait 'til I can vote!


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cool glad to see you and

cool glad to see you and Jerry posting hadn't seen anything from either of you so I was wondering what was up.