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Life is good right now. Even though R and I can't actually go out, cause her mom's a beast, we're talking every night on our cells, and we're passing letters through a mutual friend. It's the most wonderful thing, to know that someone you're in love with loves you back.
She's wonderful. She's funny and bright and damn hot! she plays like, 3 different sports, plus she's a lifeguard. And she loves me!!! She's willing to risk her mother's wrath to spend a little bit of time with me. She is the most beautiful person I know, and she thinks I'm hot! Gods, the way she says that...it just makes me come alive! For once, I'm not the only one who gives compliments; she tells me what she's thinking. She was the first one to say how she really felt, and god! She's the most amazing writer. Her poetry is beautiful...esspecially when she's writing about me! I want to give the world to her.
She's compassionate and lovely. She listens to me when I talk, and she says she loves the sound of my voice. Even when I do things that she thinks are weird, she still loves me. She wants to be able to walk down the halls with me; and the only reason we don't is because of her mom. If the Dragon Lady wasn't such a beast, we'd be so 'out and proud'. I hope, oh how I hope, that I can take her to prom next year. I want to pick her up and see her in her dress. I want to tell her mother that I'll take care of her, and I want to take her out to dinner. I want to dance with her, and feel her held close to me when people laugh.
"I believe in you, and I believe in love." ~Indigo Girls, I Belive in Love.
I love you, R.


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Awww! that's so sweet. Glad

Awww! that's so sweet. Glad to hear things are well with you, haven't seen you around here for a while!