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My life is going crazy... My sister is having a baby in as little as 2 weeks or as much as 6 weeks. I'm so freaking excited about that! My stepdad is a homophobic racist alcoholic and I hate him with a fiery passion from hell. My nephew (from my OTHER sister) is 4 and a half years old and my mom might be adopting him... He's crazy.
My job isn't paying enough (I'm a freakin waitress at a small-town diner and I get $2.15 an hour plus tips).... I need to get my licence and a car by the end of the summer so I can cadet teach during the second semester of the coming school year. I've been lookgin forward to cadet teaching since seventh grade.
Summer vavation is here!!!!! Yayness.... but not yayness too... Crap with my stepdad and my nephew and my sisters and my job. And I'm not going on vacation with my family because of my mom's STUPID husband and his crazy senile mother.
I like a guy.... I've liked him for a long time but he says I'm too much like a sister to him... I hate being everyone's best friend or little sister... and never anyone's girlfriend.....
I like a girl too...... I've liked her for longer.... but she says we're too good of friends and she doesn't want to ruin another friendship. AAARGHHH!!!
I'm done ranting.. I think...
Even if I'm not done ranting I have to go anyways cuz I have to be at my crappy job at 3:30 and its 3:12 right now. If anyone who reads this wants to talk about confusingness or crappy jobs or stupid people just send me a message or something.
I'm done now.... Byebye!
Hearts and Hugs.......
Annie Rose (A.K.A. Sprinkles)


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holy crap

$2.15 an hour?? I hope you get tip compensation.

yeah man that sucks, people are scared to take a chance.
If i was in love with my best friend, had I one that was open to it, I'd go out with her.
you always condemned me and your lovers condemned me
i stood speechless
reality's jovial