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i have a problem. i'm still sorta friends with my ex, after two (or maybe three) years of going out with her, then breaking up, then going out and so on. anyway, now i'm going out with a different girl, who i'm really in love with, but i'm not sure how, or if, to talk to my ex about it. i mean, i want to be friends with her, and i don't want to hide anything, but...i don't want to hurt her, either, and i know that when she went out with other people, it hurt me.
the other side of this is that i'm not sure how to tell my girlfriend that i'm still friends with my ex. she's not really the insecure type, and she knows that i love her, but i really don't want her to feel...insecure about it. i'm just not sure how to explain it to her so that she understands that my ex and i are just friends, and that we'll never be anything more.
i'm so confused...