HIV issues, and their relevance to the general gay populace

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I have many news agencies attached to my so-called personalised Google homepage, including the BBC, CNN, and Reuters as well as's UK and US branches. This has seemingly been named "iGoogle" which in turn seems to be a rather eerily biased hommage to Apple's naming trend.

However, (and I'm very sorry in feeling like this) but it's slightly frustrating to find that the 3 stories published are ALL (yes, all 3) relevant to HIV. Not all gay men are HIV+, including myself. That doesn't mean I don't care about HIV/AIDS issues, I really really do. I have given money to such causes as that's the only gesture I can practically participate in. BUT... there seems to be a stronger and stronger presence of affiliating HIV/AIDS infection with the general gay public, which is simply not true, and whilst I have no aversion to public awareness I do find myself irritated by the constant bombardment. It's like being told abstinence is the only cure for HIV-free infection which simply isn't true.

To put it more generally, I'm a gay teenager in the UK (lol, I'm still clinging to the label of "teenager") and I find myself at very low risk of ever becoming HIV+. So logging on to or any other news freed which summarises gay news from several sources, I find it very annoying when every single one of those stories relates to a breakthrough in HIV/AIDS healthcare - as if that's purely relevant to me because I'm gay?

Apart from finding a cure for cancer, there is nothing more I would love than to find out that a cure or semi-cure for HIV/AIDS had been discovered. That would be great news, and that's an understatement. I am not interested however on what the effects of depression might be upon sufferers of HIV. Or how kidney failure is more prominent in HIV sufferers. Such issues might be relevant in an online forum or magazine which is specifically read by HIV sufferers. But a website like shouldn't lean so much towards reporting HIV issues.