Hory fuk.

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Got fucking wasted on Saturday night. First time I got this wasted from booze. WTF. Well I'm only 15 I managed to get booze from some liquor store (Coz I took old)... went out at 2am with friends in city and got fucking stoned. I dont remember half of it... just remembered I felt so shit.

Hory fuk. I'm so not doing that agen... at least for a little while.


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sounds like my friends here in tokyo every weekend. haha

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ok.....I am just asking. Why

ok.....I am just asking. Why would you want to get so drunk you don't remember it, if you were going out with friends? I personally would save getting completely fucked for a time when I'm so depressed that I want a substantial block out of my life.
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haha...sounds like u had fun...

I am gonna get fucking trashed this weekend! High school graduation! hell yeha.

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hahah. sounds fun XD oh, and

sounds fun XD

oh, and if you feel like you got -really- wasted, it's probably cause you were drinking AND smoking pot.
they enhance eachothers effects when used together, so basically you feel more drunk and more stoned.
its a good combo, really =P